Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Beetroot Tree, Friends and a little shopping

The terrible twins and I along with 3 other friends have been out and about again, meeting up with two blogging friends from Nottingham.  On Thursday our main destination was The Beetroot Tree gallery at Draycott in Derbyshire.  The manager opened up for us especially as he had expected to be closed that day.  The reason for going was to view an exhibition by The Textile Study Group.  Work on display included pieces by our local teacher Mary Sleigh, Ann Wheeler, Dorothy Tucker, Ruth Issett, Shelley Rhodes, whose workshop I went to a year or two ago, Jean Draper, who needs no introduction Kay Greenlees and Sian Martin.  


This is a view of the gallery looking down on most of my friends in the midst of the exhibition.  They are Maggi, Graham who comes to Stitchcraft, Marge, Linda Vincent, Wendy and Annette. Tina is behind me on the stairs.

This piece is by Mary Sleigh and features real shells.  I apologise for not being able to supply any more details than that. 

 This is by Ann Wheeler and I like the combinations of different fabrics, together with the off set piece.  I will be exploring her work further if I can.

This piece above is by Sian Martin and features delicate organza eggs.

I love the piece above which is by Shelley Rhodes and which has so many different textures.  I love the inclusion of the found rusted items.

This colourful piece features in Ruth Issett's latest book, A Passion For Colour and I like the variety of fabrics in it combined with reverse applique and hand stitching.

There are many more pieces in the exhibition which continues until 31 May and if you live within reach it is worth the journey.  The Beetroot Tree has a small shopping area with mixed media and stitching supplies to tempt you, a cafe to refresh you and a lovely little garden to delight you.

From the Beetroot Tree we progressed to Cachepot (actually that was our first stop), Anderson's, Pear Tree Yard (which isn't in a yard) and Ikea!  Well if you're near enough to an Ikea you have to, don't you?  Anderson's is a very pleasant delicatessen with a hidden temptation upstairs!  Ethereal stock beautiful ladies clothing.  I have to confess to being tempted in Ethereal by a very pretty and feminine top on the sale rail.  I don't have a photo today but I'll get round to it.  It's a top by Out Of Xile and is an organza and jersey bolero top in a gorgeous deep purple.

I didn't go too mad with the shopping, did I?  I did get some storage boxes from Ikea too.  Yesterday Tina, Wendy and I had a trip to the British Quilt & Stitch Village Exhibition and I'll blog that in a separate post.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


Debbie said...

This looks like a fascinating exhibition, love the pieces that you have photographed, pity I am not nearer.

Wendy said...

We did have a lovely day :)

Gina said...

I would love to visit this!

Heather said...

The gallery and garden look beautiful - pity I'm not nearer. Love the exhibits - a nicely varied mix of techniques and styles. A perfect day out.

Annette Jeavons said...

I went to the Beetroot Tree a few years back and had a wonderful time. I envy you your visit but so pleased you enjoyed it.

Sandies' Patch said...

Ah, memories! I used to go to all of those and make a day of it!
Lunch was always at the Beetroot tree and special teas and artisan bread bought at Andersons.
But that was in the days when I earned my living, now.........

Amanda said...

What a fab day! You're lucky to have such great things near to you.

Maggi said...

Lovely to see you again and to meet your friends. Definitely an enjoyable day and you even survived IKEA