Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Blame Facebook!

I seem to spend more time on there and then get drawn into following links and by the time I've caught up with the blogs I read, another evening has gone and I havn't blogged.  Even when I go through the day thinking 'I must blog this when I get home' it slips through my fingers and another day passes.  So, where were we?  

I seem to remember I was telling you about our trip to Iceland and Norway.  Iceland was an experience all round, such a different exotic country (not in the tropical sense but in the 'I've never experienced this before' sense).  We have visited Norway before but went to some new places this time.

First on the agenda was the city of Alesund on a very wet and breezy day.  We took refuge in the beautiful parish church which has a wonderful fresco.  Our visit was perfectly timed to enjoy a short organ concert which sadly I can't show you as it won't upload.  If you click on the link to the organist's page you can select several snippets from his CD, not least Bach's Toccata, one of my all time favourite pieces.

Our second port of call was Olden which we had visited several years ago.  This time we took a trip out to the Briksdal Glacier and were extremely thankful that we had chosen to take a tractor/gator ride for part of the trip up the mountain rather than attempting to walk.

 The Gaters were manufactured by John Deere, a company we are very familiar with in our rural part of the country. 

 After we left the transport we had a not inconsiderable walk to reach the viewpoint for the glacier and were treated to the sight of some impressive rocks that had been left behind as the glacier shrunk.

This is still quite a distant shot of the glacier which was still impressive.  It has many colours within it and many wonderful cracks and shapes.

The glacier used to extend way down the mountain but is now reduced to this restricted size although it does go back further into the mist.

You can see why we didn't walk up, although some from the ship did!

 And yes, we got very wet going past the waterfall!

Our last port of call in Norway was the beautiful Stavanger.  Adjacent to the berth where we docked we could see the Stavanger Konserthus.  This modern building created fascinating shapes and reflections.

The most beautiful part of Stavanger is the old town where people still live and work.  


The town is almost dwarfed by the close proximity of cruise ships.

Back on board ship the cruise winds down with the traditional march of the chefs which gives everyone the chance to thank the guys who provide the excellent food during the holiday.

On a personal level I had to thank one particular crew member for saving my life.  

It sounds dramatic and it was very frightening but this wonderful man, Clay, the headwaiter, appeared out of nowhere to help me when I made the mistake of talking and laughing while I was eating and started to choke.  A colleague had already tried to help and failed and Clay took over and swiftly and calmly freed me of the obstruction.  Not only that but he gave me good advice to help me through the next few hours while my throat calmed down.  I am eternally grateful and would love to meet him again at some time in the future.  Thank you, Clay.


Lis Harwood said...

Wow, thank goodness for Clay, that must have been frightening.
That glacier looks incredible, the power of nature. More please.

Jackie said...

Good grief Julie..that was a close shave! Anyway I love the church of Alesund. I wonder who painted it?
How did you do this holiday? Was it a Fjord cruise? Or a big cruise? I would love to go to Norway. Thank you for sharing.

Fran├žoise said...

This is scary Julie.
Love the pictures of the glacier. Very impressive.

Heather said...

Thank heaven Clay was on hand - you must have been so frightened.
Your photos have captured that wonderful scenery so well. I love the little houses and narrow steep streets - almost Cornish in a way - and the church must have taken your breath away. Thanks for sharing.

Maggi said...

I'm not surprised that you decided not to walk. What a magnificent view and not too tired to enjoy it. I love the reflections that you photographed of the Konserthus - definite textile inspiration, especially the first.

Thank goodness Clay was on hand.

Peneller said...

Yes I think Facebook is to be blamed for a lot of things! I keep telling myself to log off and go and do something useful! Glad your guardian angel stopped you choking! Must have been horrible!

Corrine at said...

Thanks goodness Clay was there to save the day, that is so scary. I love Stavanger. Had the pleasure of going there myself a while back and I thought those tiny streets in the old town looked familiar. Yes the ships come right in there and dwarf everything. Wonderful views. xox

pam said...

Oh Julie those photos are wonderful it looks a fabulous place to visit - I love seeing all the places you go to.

The Crafty Mugwump said...

Stavanger that sounds familiar in a distant kind of way, 42 years ago I was there. Thank goodness you are ok,multi tasking whilst eating is not a good idea after a certain age.

Indigo Blue said...

Close shave there in the restaurant . I have been on two cruises and the crew have always been fantastic and genuinely seem to enjoy their work. Very refreshing.
We have looked at a Fiord cruise, which company did you choose.
Lovely photos giving such good memories .

Indigo Blue said...

Close shave there in the restaurant . I have been on two cruises and the crew have always been fantastic and genuinely seem to enjoy their work. Very refreshing.
We have looked at a Fiord cruise, which company did you choose.
Lovely photos giving such good memories .

Amanda said...

Fantastic blog post, well worht the wait! So glad you're ok too. :-)

Moogsmum said...

Goodness me, Julie - thank heavens Clay was there to help!

Apart from nearly choking to death your trip looks wonderful and the glacier must have been an incredible sight. Where did you sail from?

If you ever go from Southampton just let me know - we're less than 10 minutes from the cruise terminals and I could pop down and say hello!


sharon young said...

Oh wow! Thank goodness for Clay!
So glad you're OK
Fabulous pics, thank you so much for sharing.
I agree with you re FB I can't cope with that and blogging