Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Ones That (nearly) Got Away!

I've managed to catch up with the two ladies who hadn't resolved their curved piecing samples last week and can now show you how they did.  But first of all Lindsey has finished hers off and added some embroidery.

The stitching has really set it off.

Carol is the least experienced of the group in terms of machine stitching but has made a wonderful effort with her piece inspired by a Yorkshire garden.  She has added a satin stitch border and some hand stitching too and may add a little more.  She is now raring to start working on her interpretation of a favourite view in the Yorkshire Dales.  

I'm hoping I've put this piece the right way up.  Jane is primarily an embroiderer and her piece is very much a work in progress.  She has used some wonderful textured fabrics to describe the light on the water in her garden pond and I know this will be beautifully finished with embroidery and beads.  I can't wait to see how it progresses.

At the weekend DH and I took ourselves off to Patchings Art Festival which was celebrating its 20th anniversary.  I can remember going to the very first event which was exciting in itself but on a much smaller scale.  These days it's a big affair with around 200 crafts and art producers taking part.   Temptation was on all sides but I did manage to resist buying any art materials.  However, I was unable to resist buying this handsome chap.

I have been wanting a Green Man for the garden for a long time but have never found one that I really liked.  This gentleman really appealled to me and the oak leaves up his nose reminded me of my late husband and a trick he had with dandelions (don't ask!).  It made me smile so I had to bring him home.   Looking at the photo he looks a bit stary eyed but I don't get that feeling in reality.  We bought him from Caroline Lee Ceramics and I was quite tempted by their Green Ladies too.  My DH has fixed him on the front of my studio so he can look after it for me while I'm out.  

We also bought a bird for the garden from Gavin Darby who makes new work from recycled metal.  

Birdie stands about a foot tall and I can't wait to wrap some silk round all that rustiness!  I'm going to look out some metal pieces that I've got in my studio to pass on to Gavin as they have been languishing in there for a couple of years and aren't suitable to use for rust dyeing.  *Note to self - get out there and find the stuff!!!

I've been busy with my Horizons piece this week and have managed to start stitching some of the blocks together.

This is it laid out at Stitchcraft on Wednesday and I still need to fill in some of the gaps.  I am planning to have a day at Stitchcraft again next week when I hope to get the bulk of it stitched together.  I still have to make  20cm square sample (yes, I should have made that first but I made some mistakes so parts of the sample are now in the main piece), write an artist's statement, add a hanging sleeve and label and get it sent off to arrive by the deadline.  No pressure then!

My quilt for the main Festival of Quilts competition is coming along and is currently resting on my improvised design wall waiting to be stitched together.  Fingers crossed I will get there.  It has gone through several incarnations but I think I am nearly there. 

I just need to piece it all together, layer and quilt, add a binding, add the sleeve and a label, parcel it all up and send it off to arrive by 26 July.  That wouldn't be so bad if we weren't going on holiday before then.  Eeek!


Jackie said...

I adore the ceramic piece you bought, Julie. It is wonderfully appealing to me!
Great purchase!!!

sharon young said...

Your student's work does you credit, some lovely pieces combing on there.
Love your green man, I'm very jealous i'm looking for something to decorate the apex of the summerhouse, I'll find it eventually. And your bird is superb.
You're quilt looks pretty impressive, sounds like you'll be very busy.

Heather said...

Love your Green Man and the metal sculpture. Your quilt is coming on and I like the curved strip landscapes, especially the first one.

Lis Harwood said...

Such an affirmation of your tutoring that your students have finished their pieces and are going on to do more. Love your new green man :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your Green Man - I have a lovely one from Lincoln Cathedral with a wonderfully wise and contemplative expression. Looks like your students did really well - a tribute to their teaching!

Peneller said...

Lovely work Julie, yours and your students. Can't wait to see your quilts at FOQ. Not long now. Tickets booked and time is flying

pam said...

Oh it is so nice when your ladies bring in their finished items to show you - they all did really well I bet you are pleased. The Green man is great has a sort of cheeky look. The quilt is looking good - I could manage to go on holiday for you so you could stay and finish it!!

Angela said...

Keep up the good work Julie it all looks great. I like your green man.

Maggi said...

Lovely work from your students and your pieces are coming together so well. Mine is done so now I need to pack it and send it. Haven't been to Patchings for ages but I love your purchases.