Saturday, 11 May 2013

St Ives 2

Along with our visit to Tremenheere Garden we made a return visit to Barbara Hepworth's Garden which is different every time we go and this time was distinguished by the fact that the conservators were in the gardens cleaning up the sculptures.   If, like me, you thought conservators worked in a quiet, contemplative way, think again!

If  you look closely you may be able to see the jet of water pounding through the centre of the sculpture above.  The noise of the compressor shattered the peace of the garden.  Fortunately the guys were on a break for a lot of our visit so we weren't disturbed too much.

This young lady was much gentler in her work.

DH was not deterred from his photography by the workers.

It seemed very strange to see some of the pieces with scaffold towers next to them.

The rain and the effect of the soft light made for some design potentials.

I think these guys had already been cleaned up and I loved the grouping and the feeling of three people having a chat.  I did attempt a small contour drawing of these but don't have it photographed.

 As you can see from the photos we had a little rain while we were away and on our first day it 'pittled' it down, as they say in Derbyshire.  As we couldn't get into our flat until 3.00pm we took ourselves off to the Tate to see the William Scott exhibition.  If you check out the link you will see some of his work.  I didn't know his work before but I really enjoyed the soft quality of his colours.

Always on the lookout for inspiration, I was delighted that one of the stewards allowed us to photgraph the reflections in the curved windows that echo the shape of the gas storage (gasometer) that was originally on the site.

 A view of Porthmeor beach on a very grey day through the windows.

How would you like to live in one of these retirement flats?  They must have the best view anywhere in the country, looking out over Porthmeor Beach.  Do you think they'd let us put our names down?

Someone had made their own art on the window!

Circle inspiration was much in evidence in the Tate.

And finally, they put the flags out!  They must have known we were coming ;-)


ju-north said...

What a fantastic place! Seems to be lots to do whatever the weather! Love the rain drops shots!

Heather said...

Good to see a glimpse of blue in the sky in your last photo. Great pics as usual and it must have been interesting if less than peaceful to see those conservators at work. A fascinating place whatever the weather.

Lis said...

Two fantastic places to visit (but maybe I'll wait until the conservators have finished). I MUST get back to Cornwall.

Corrine at said...

Love that sculptural conversation, what a pleasure to see Hepworth's garden. xox

Maggi said...

Great photos Julie. I see that the circles theme is continuing but there is so much more inspiration in these photos too.

pam said...

Thank you for sharing those gardens look lovely.

Linda said...

Sorry I'm late catching up with all your St Ives news Julie....but I've enjoyed going through the last 3 posts and seeing what you and your DH have been up to.
You have some wonderful photos...and I don't have to tell you how envious I am to see those views again ;-)
Hoping to see you soon for a proper catch-up. xx