Thursday, 16 May 2013

Festival of Quilts (cont)

I had the arguable pleasure of spending an hour(!) in the dentist's chair this morning and to keep myself distracted and away from panic while the dentist did her stuff I spent the time planning my quilts for FOQ.  I know I've already started on one but I am still at the designing stage in my head and the time was useful.  I'm pleased to say the dentist has so far managed to save my tooth too so a successful hour all round.

When I got home and the face had thawed out I decided to do some more printing just in case I havn't got enough when I start to work on the quilt proper.  I took a few photos to share here although they're not wonderful as the light was poor and it's difficult to photograph sheers.

I rather like this image which is a very lightly printed piece of scarf.  Most of the marks you can see are on the drop paper below but I like the effect and I have a plan to print this image onto Extravorganza to maybe use in my piece.

These are some of my print blocks.  I found some lovely 'spider's web' in a craft shop today and it makes the most delicate of marks (block is bottom left, a bit over inked).

These prints made on paper were to use up the inks on the print plate but they will form part of my beaches Sketchbook inspired by my course with Dionne Swift.

Not looking very special but more marks to play with.

Yesterday was Sit and Stitch day at Stitchcraft and for the morning I took my oilbars along as I had been inspired by a post that Maggi Birchenough had put up. (Oops!  I should have said by Angela of Art & Stitchamended 18 May) I first cut and then tore an edge along a piece of copy paper and then, having taped down a sheet of paper initially, rubbed the oilbar along the cut edge and then brushed the paint off onto the paper below.

Once I had sorted out the technique I started to work on one of my previous prints on fabric.

Part way through my efforts Wendy suggested I work in white to suggest the spray and then Jane viewed it from the opposite way to me and suggested I turn it upside down.

Apparently all it needs now is a lighthouse :-)

Thank you to Stitchcraft for this image of yesterday's play which I have unashamedly knicked from their facebook page.

Nothing looks much at the moment but I'm hoping things will start to pop when I add some silk paint.  To be continued.........


Margaret Cooter said...

Using up the ink is my favourite part - no pressure, just play!

sharon young said...

I think you've made a fabulous start, Julie, love the top pic and the colours/textures are superb. As usual lots of great links on your post too, thanks for that.

Heather said...

It's all looking very interesting to me Julie. I love all your trial prints and the 'lighthouse' piece. Glad your trip to the dentist was worthwhile. The best thing about our dentist is his chair - it is so comfortable and almost relaxing!

Wendy said...

I think you are well on your way, those prints look much nicer in real life than the photos and are very interesting, can't wait to see what you do with them

Maggi said...

Some really exciting things going on here. Glad you were able to distract yourself at the dentist.

Clare Wassermann said...

Some very inspiring mouth is watering!

Angela said...

Hope you are fully recovered from the visit to the dentist. That was the same technique that I used for my Markel work, which I'm hoping to work on a bit more over the weekend but first I have to deal with my round robin. Your work is as inspirational as ever.

Emma said...

Lovely pieces to work with, what do you mean, not much, it's all about potential, isn't it & you've got it ;) What do you make your blocks with? Are you printing with textile paint or would that be too runny? Questions questions!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilt at the Festival! Glad to see there are others who also are working closely to the deadline..
Good for you using your time in the chair for something other than worrying what the dentist is doing. Way more relaxing I'd say!

Maggi said...

Glad you put up the amendment. I had been racking my brains to try to work out which post you were referring to :)