Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow day(s)

Or should that be snow week?  We have had more snow down but so far it hasn't tempted me to any more snow dyeing.  We were promised more today but it is slow in arriving so, despite the snow dyeing, I am hoping that maybe it will miss us.

On Friday, when the latest lot of snow came down, I ventured out to Stitchcraft for some 'Friday Fun' with a mini workshop making Pin Cushion Baggies with Wendy Coyne

Altogether nine baggies were made and despite keeping an eye on the accummulating snow out the window we had a happy couple of hours.  There are going to be a lot more of these mini sessions and I am planning to go along to a few more.  If it hadn't been for the snow I would have stayed for a cuppa and a natter/cake.  As it was I got home safely but the drive up our side road was 'interesting'!  (My DH rang me as I was about to leave to drive home to warn me the snow was drifting across our road and covering it in.  Bless!)

This was the view in our garden Saturday morning.  

Instead of more snow dyeing I have been working on my quilt for the International Quilt Challenge Group and for the Sue Ridgwell Challenge at the AGM of the Quilters Guild GB.  Last time I talked about these challenges I had got as far as making a paper collage to explore my ideas.  I have since been busy piecing the landscape.

This is the start.

I've spent the last few days disecting and inserting darker strips to describe the field walls.    I think it may need one more diagonal line across the foreground.  I've been experimenting in Photoshop with the added insert and with possible quilting lines:

What do you think?   I still feel it lacks some pazzazz so decisions may be made about thread colour and possible beading.  I need to get my skates on!  As the challenge group piece it needs to be finished by the end of the month! 

Wherever you are in the world and whether you're freezing or boiling have a good week and keep safe.


sharon young said...

Hi Julie, I love these wonderful colourful pieces, and I think the last pic with the suggested stitch line is fabulous. Perfect to see this splash of colour after all this grey and white.

mrsnesbitt said...

One day! I will do something - inspirational Julie xx

Amanda said...

Those bitsa bags are so useful. And love the fabric you've made. It's looking really good. Not too much pressure then to finish by the end of the month!!! ;)

Deborah OHare said...

Your piece is looking great. I had better get a hanging sleeve on mine pronto:)

liniecat said...

fab little bags! i love the strip piecing too, the last one looks wonderful.......wonder if a bit deeper wall bottom rightish would zing it a little?

I adore the colourways youve used, all batiks by the look of it?

Angela said...

I love your collage the colours are so vibrant.

Corrine at said...

Sweet bags and I love the beginnings of your piece. I know there are many layers to go, looking forward to seeing the progress. xox

Kate North said...

Love the challenge piece - my eye does keep going back to the wall line which come off the wall in middle - perhaps because it's such a strong cross piece, while the rest undulates more... This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. Look forward to seeing what happens with it.

Heather said...

I like the look of those baggies - very interesting and lovely colours - glad you got home safely.
Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I am not a quilter so will not make any attempt to give you advice.
We have had about the same amount of snow as you and everywhere is looking very tatty now - a sharp contrast to the magic of last Friday. I have an appointment I'd like to keep on Wednesday but more heavy snow might prevent me.