Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hotch Potch

I missed out a couple of artists from my prefious post on the Knitting and Stitching Show.  One of them I do not have any images for but I would recommend you have a look here at the beautiful work of Hilary Hollingworth.  I have not come across the work of this lady before (where have I been!?) and I fell in love with her beautiful small pieces incorporating her signature darn/weave technique.  The surfaces she achieves are fascinating with their open, loose texture. 

Just as I was leaving the exhibition I stumbled on the canvases of RA Webb .  I spotted the work from some distance away and I think it was the texture that drew me in.

The artist discovered that he could use his wife's sewing machine to make marks and attach things to his canvases and his world opened up to endless new possibilities.  We should probably all be careful of inviting our significant others to have a try on our sewing machines, you never know where it may lead.  

Today has been Sit and Stitch day at Stitchcraft Studio and it was great to spend time stitching with friends as I was unable to go last week.  

At the moment there are just a few of us but hopefully a few more people will come along and join our motley crew.  Actually, sssssh, don't tell anyone!  We're enjoying spreading out ;-)  One of the group is a blogger and you can meet her here.  If you pop over and check out her post for yesterday you'll see a super 'pocket' that she's made for a swap.  I'm planning to make some of these too courtesy of another blogging and real life friend.

Of course, the joy of having a stitching day is the impromptu moments shared when people call in with a selection of work to inspire you.

This was the gaggle  of 'ooing and aahing' at the variety of fabric books brought in by Tina, otherwise known as Sweetypie.  These are going to be the subject of a workshop at Stitchcraft Studio.  I will be there!  

I don't think I've shown you this before but I've made my first advent calendar.  It was made from a kit I bought at Stitchcraft and I'm pleased with the way it went together.

All it needs now is the chocolate!  Oh, and Stitchcraft are given a 10% discount on purchases if you are a member of the Quilters' Guild.  An added bonus!  Thanks Stitchcraft!


Wendy said...

I really enjoy these stitch and chat days. I understand there is a bigger room we can use if it starts to get crowded :)

Heather said...

I'm dreadful for spreading out too far so it's a good thing I can't join you on your stitching days! They sound so inviting. I love your Advent calendar and am sure that little visitors will too. Thanks for all the links - I shall enjoy a leisurely browse.

Emma said...

Great for you all to have that opportunity to get together. Nothing like a stitch &...well, chat, session to put the world to rights ;)

Maggi said...

Glad that the days are going well. I just wish it wasn't that bit too far. Thanks for the links

sharon young said...

What a nice surprise to have a link to a male textile artist, and a great story too thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

I've the very same advent calendar to make for Freddie. Todays aim is to make a stocking for him. My fingers are crossed hoping that I get it done so that I can make a christmas tree tomorrow.

pam said...

Oh those pictures were nice - the advent calender is nice and looks like you have a good time at the new shop - nice it is soo close for you.

Jackie said...

Oh, I LOVE the advent calendar!
Beautiful job, Julie!!!