Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crisp Autumn Day and a little Creativity

My system had a bit of a shock this morning when I had to get up early, for me, and accompany my DH to a local village where he was selling (he hoped) his photocards at a Craft Fair.  We woke to a frosty but sunny start and I soon found consolation in the early start by exploring the village while DH set up.

The village is Barkston (also known as Barkston-le-Willows), on the A607 just a few miles north east of Grantham and is mentioned in the Domesday Book when it was known as Barchestune.  The village sign makes reference to its history of having four mills (it sits on the River Witham) and to the close proximity of Barkston Heath which is an RAF station involved in pilot training.  There are many deer in the area as it is close to the Belton Estate where deer roam free.  Barkston has a further claim to fame through its connection with Stan Laurel whose father is buried in the local churchyard.  I believe the village pub was once run by Stan Laurel's aunt.

The paths were littered with piles of frosty leaves in varying shapes and sizes.

Walking round to the church the light was beautiful,

I would have liked to have explored the churchyard but sadly couldn't manoevre the gate open.

Walking a little further and greeting one or two dog walkers who were taking an early stroll I came to a newly ploughed field and found some interesting stitching potential.

 These are not the strongest of marks as the furrows are fairly shallow but they have design potential.

This is the view looking back to the church along the field edge.

 I wouldn't wish to be this tall but it's a good indicator of the angle of the sun.

Wandering back to the main road I came across this young lady (I think) who was very interested in me,

and venturing down a lane I found a beautiful distressed door.

You probably need to click on it to see the lovely paint swirls.

By the time I got back to the village hall DH had finished setting up and the fair was about to open.  We had a very pleasant day with a few sales and met quite a few people we hadn't seen for some time and to top it all off we won a hamper of Christmas foodie goodies in the raffle. Yum!

There has been some creativity going on here this week.  

This angel is about 9" tall and is made very simple of three separate parts.  You can make it from old quilt blocks and they are sometimes made from 'cutter quilts' (old damaged quilts).  I'm making another one in a smaller size too. The idea is very versatile as you could make them as fancy or as plain as you wish and add beads, buttons, lace, whatever to trim.  Think also of using vintage linens to make these little angels.  I have been busy on another small project too but as it concerns an article written by a friend, that will be appearing in an issue of Stitch magazine next year, I think I will have to wait to show you what I've made.  Sorry!


ju-north said...

A great day for an early stroll! We walked along the beach path to St Mary's Island. Love that red door - I would have stopped there too!

Jackie said...

Love the leaves (covered with frost and the ones that were basking in the sunlight, too!)...Lovely photos.
So glad you won the raffle!
I wish you and your DH a wonderful week.
Sending you hugs and love,

Living to work - working to live said...

hello - I had two lovely walks yesterday with the dog, but forgot the camera both times!

I agree - real design potential with the fields. I tramp across ploughed fields every day and had not registered their patterns (possibly because I am so busy throwing a ball for Whippet X)

Corrine at said...

Looks a lovely spot Julie. I wouldn't mind a day to wander there. Sweet cow face! Some angels for Christmas also sweet. xox

Heather said...

Beautiful photos as usual Julie - I love the frosted leaves and the village sign. Lots of potential in the plough lines and your little Christmas angel is so sweet. Congrats on winning a hamper - you are all ready for the festivities then!

Angela said...

Great photos as ever Julie. I love the little angel she is so cute.

Moogsmum said...

Your photos are beautiful Julie and I love that you see the design potential in the patterns left by the ploughs. You've inspired me to look closer when we're out and about.

I love your little angel. Great idea to use old quilt blocks for them :o)


Lis said...

What a great village sign. Your pictures are very evocative, it was a beautiful day yesterday. I hadn't thought of ploughed fields as design ideas - seems obvious now! You inspire as ever, thank you.

Peneller said...

These are lovely photos Julie and the light on the frost just looks fantastic. Frost seems to be something we don't get a lot of here, but we do get the light! Glad to hear that your DH sold some work.

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of those lovely crisp days and loads of stitching inspiration! Love the angel. :o)

Linda said...

What a lovely, pleasant day you had Julie....a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Those frosty leaves are so photogenic aren't they - I can imagine them made of fabric :-)
Cute angel too!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Julie. So nice to take a walk with you. May your holiday season be full of creativity and stitching!
best, nadia

pam said...

The photos are great - there is nothing like a crisp frosty morning - the little angel is gorgeous - look forward to seeing the smaller one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Julie.