Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mixed Bag

Yesterday I travelled up from Grantham and my bezzy mate Ann travelled from Macclesfield and we met up at the Quilt Museum in York to view the latest exhibitions. I always look forward to visiting the museum in its beautiful building and the current exhibitions made the trip well worthwhile.  The 'Celebrating Diversity' collection made for stimulating and enjoyable viewing and the miniatures displayed in the Barbara Bailey gallery had us marvelling at the precision and intricacy of the work.  The whole exhibition was topped off by a beautiful exhibiton of strip quilts inspired by the Seaside (please excuse me for failing to note the Region number of the group responsible, I really should have made notes.)

We were greeted by very enthusiastic and welcoming volunteers, one of whom went out of her way to get me permission to take a flash-free photo of the 'Celebrating Diversity', made up of 60 squares by Contemporary Quilt Group members and which I was proud to say includes my own square.  It is undoubtedly the only time one of my quilts, albeit small, will appear at the Quilt Museum. 

In case you've forgotten or not seen it this is my contribution to the Celebrating Diversity (on a theme of what is Britishness')

Oops!  This is the unfinished version!

That's better!  This is the finished version.

I was going to post the photo I took yesterday but as I don't know all the artists involved I think I had better not, especially as the quilt was hanging in a gallery where photography is not usually allowed.

On Monday we had our monthly quilt group meeting and had a very pleasant, friendly evening.  We were talking about things we might do at future meetings and Frankie showed us several versions of a project which makes use of the various stitches on your sewing machine.

I think the material had been painted or dyed beforehand and then machine and hand stitches were added.  I rarely use the pattern stitches on my machine and I'm looking forward to having a play with this project which can then be used as a book cover, bag front, cushion front or mounted on a canvas, or for anything else that strikes you.

 This was the view from our lunchtime cafe in York yesterday on a very wet day.  Will we ever get any summer this year?!

Life's a bit quiet blogwise at the moment fo rwhich I apologise.  I've been really busy finishing the quilt for Festival, stitching UFO's which still are, and working on a piece for the latest International Quilt Challenge Group challenge which is on a theme of' landmarks'.  The deadline is this Sunday and I am certain I will not get the full piece finished but I am going to crack on and do my best.


Heather said...

Love that little square - such a great way to use vintage linens and give them a new life.
Isn't it amazing how lovely most gardens look inspite of the appalling weather this summer.
Hope you get your other piece done in time.

Gina said...

I've still not managed a visit to the quilt museum yet... one day! Look foreard to seeing your quilt at FOQ this year.

Peneller said...

so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Quilt Museum but sorry to have moved too far away to join you! Hope you get your UFOs finished.

Corrine at said...

Pretty piece Julie, and york looks charming despite the weather! xox

Sandra Wyman said...

Saw it with Penny before she left for pastures new and thought it looked even lovelier in the flesh!
Still slogging away at FOQ items

Maggi said...

So glad you got to see the exhibition with your piece in it and that you were able to take a photo. Carol Ann Waugh does a lot of work using the automatic stitches. She calls it Stupendous Stitching. Take a look at her work here

pam said...

Oh sounds like you had a great day and lovely to see your work in the Musuem. It is a lovely piece of work - especially with the memories it has for you. Good luck with all the UFO's can't wait to see photos

Angela said...

Your square is fabulous. I look forward to seeing your entry in the FOQ.