Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's a boy!

We've had some lovely news today, my nephew's wife has given birth to their second child, a brother for Max.

Welcome beautiful Callum Euan born yesterday, we can't wait to meet you. Callum's older brother Max who is two is said to be unimpressed by the new arrival :-)  Methinks he's going to notice a few changes when the baby comes home.  ;-)


imac said...

To be sure - to be sure. I know,lol.

Moogsmum said...

What a beautiful baby boy :o) It's always nice to have a new baby in the family.


Jackie said...

Oh Julie...how exciting.
There is no greater joy than a new baby! Congratulations to the parents and to you and Stewart.


Congratulations to the family ... I am sure Callum will be as gorgeous as Max ... big hugs xx

Helena said...

When my younger nephew, Dominic, was about 3, the older one, 2 years his senior, asked whether Jesus answers prayers. Why yes, of course he does, my brother assured him (impressed and delighted with this turn of conversation).

"Well if I ask him nicely will he take Dominic back?" was the next query to follow.

annabel said...

OMG that's so cute!