Friday, 11 May 2012

Arts and Crafts 2

The second Arts and Crafts property we visited recently was Blackwell Hall in Lancashire.

Blackwell Hall was built as a holiday home for the Manchester brewery magnate Sir Edward Holt by the architect Baillie Scott.  The house is very elegant and gracious and is run on very welcoming lines with the visitor allowed to wander freely from room to room and to spend time sitting in the window seats enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Windermere which it overlooks.  If you hover over the headings on the web page for Blackwell  you can read the present and past history of the house.

You are aware of the beauty of this house before you even go through the door.

I don't think I've ever seen chimneys like these before.

As an added bonus to our visit there was a sculpture installation in the grounds by Laura Ellen Bacon.

If you click on the last photo you should be able to read more about Laura's inspiration.  I don't know whether she intended the two willow sculptures to be viewed incontinuation as if the inside of the house is morphing with the outside but I'm sure she would have been aware of this view.

As with Wightwick Manor photographs are not allowed due to copyright attached to some of the objects on loan to the house but I did snaffle a couple of pics (naughty!).

Just one of the many window seats where you can while away pleasant hours enjoying the view.

I really liked this beautiful stained glass window. 

If you have a look around the Blackwell website you will be able to find further photographs of the interior.  The house is beautiful inside and out and has an unusual Great Parlour which is effectively split into different areas by the arrangement of furnishings, shortened walls, seating areas and carpeting.  You can see an image of part of the room on the Events page of the Blackwell site.

We spent a very relaxing time in Blackwell Hall and rounded it off with naughty but scrummy cream scones in the comfortable cafe.  As we left I was looking up at the building again trying to soak up every last view and my eyes spotted these residences waiting for their occupants to return,

I would think by now they are refurbished and busy with new life.

Our holiday featured quite a lot of wildlife

This duck obviously has an identity problem and thinks it's a dog lol

These ducks wouldn't believe me when I said I didn't have any bread and continued to give me a good peck!

Aaaaaah!  These sweet ducklings were on the site we were staying on.  I think she had 14 altogether.  So sweet!

PS In addition to the sculpture installation outside there was also an exhibition on the second floor titled "Woven From Nature: Four Contemporary makers".  The artists involved are basket-weaver Mary Butcher and tapestry weaver Jilly Edwards,and Jo Mcdonald and Maggie Smith.  The exhibition was varied while having the connecting thread of weaving and Jo McDonald's work with paper was both impressive and emotive.  If you follow the link to her site you will see many of the pieces on display at Blackwell.


Angela said...

This is some where that must go on my places to visit list. Your pictures of the wildlife are great.

Fiona Dix said...

this makes me homesick for Cumbria, I was living just a few miles away in Kendal before we moved here. Blackwell is amazing isn't it.

Su said...

That's looks a lovely house to visit. I love the stained glass and the detail on the door reminds me of some of the fireplaces that I have here. Thanks for sharing it with us!

ju-north said...

What a great visit you had!

Heather said...

What a wonderful place to visit. You picked a good day with the bonus of exhibitions inside and out. Love the sculptures and all those beautiful details you photographed. It seems to be popular with birds and humans alike, and possibly other wildlife too. Thankyou for sharing.