Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Catching Up Again continued

Sewing For Pleasure show continued

This piece by Christine Hudson was part of the Madeira Embroidery competition stand on a theme of Best of Blighty.  Christine's notes explain her inspiration.  I'm only sad I didn't read them properly as she invited you to explore the pieces and I would have loved to have turned the pieces over and handled them. 

I was pleased to see some of the costumes from Downton Abbey at the Sewing for Pleasure Show.

I think the costume nearest to you was worn by the character Lady Sybil.  

Isn't the detail beautiful? I love the swirls on the sleeve.

These postcards are part of a much larger display of work by West Country Embroiderers.  Hopefully if you click on the image you will be able to see more detail.

After the enjoyment of the Shows at the NEC I had a lovely day out in Lincoln with two blogging friends.  It was a gloriously sunny day last Tuesday and we were sure to make the most of it.  My DH travelled on the bus with me but went off to do his own thing and use the opportunity to gather photographs for his collection.

You may recognise Maggi and Linda from their blogs (image courtesy of DH).  Both these ladies are wonderful company and we had a lot of fun.  Our first port of call was Harding House Gallery on Steep Hill which is run by a cooperative of artists who sell their works and also man the gallery and often work there too.   There is so much beautiful work in the gallery from textiles to pottery, to jewellery, to paintings and upstairs is an exhibition space which this visit housed an exhibiton by Doreen Hallett, an accomplished quilter.  If you click the link you will be able to view her work rather than having to rely on my probably blurry images.  

From the gallery we wandered slowly up Steep Hill, well you have to wander slowly, it's very steep and there are chocolate shops to distract you along the way :-) (of course we succumbed! Well, you have to don't you?)  

So much beautiful colour in the blossom part way up the hill. 

After a relaxed lunch in a pub garden enjoying the sunshine we took a walk to Lincoln's wonderful cathedral and were all inspired by the stunning stonework on the outside of the building which have been cleaned and repaired.

While we were inside the Cathedral visiting the shop the sun set up a beautiful colour show on the columns cast by the stained glass.  A beautiful way to bring our time together to a close.  Sadly I can't show  you the gorgeous chocolate that we bought at the chocolaterie as I've eaten it! lol 

Thank you Linda and Maggi for a great day out.  I really enjoyed myself and I loved the  threads you gave me Maggi.  I will enjoy dyeing them.  My DH had a good day too and is only now uploading his photos as he has been without a computer for two weeks.  He has gone over to the 'other side' and bought a Mac to replace his PC but the learning curve is very steep (a bit like Steep Hill) and we are having many pauses as we toil up it.  DH's son came round last night and gave him a crash course in iPhoto and we are slowly finding our way round that but progress is slow. 


Sandie said...

What alovely day out, you'd not be wearing just your t shirts if it were this week!
Thanks for sharing your day.

Sandie xx

sharon young said...

Super pics, Julie, especially the pillar in the church, what great lighting.
Welcome to the mac club, you DH will never look back when he gets used to it, glad to help if I can with any probs.

ju-north said...

Some great memories there! Love the light on the stone

Heather said...

What a wonderful day out and such super photos. Beautiful work and displays at the NEC - those postcards are fun. Lovely to meet bloggy friends and the stonework pics are amazing. Thankyou for sharing it all with us.

Maggi said...

Lovely photos Julie. I really enjoyed my day out. Can't believe how different it is today - 4" of snow and still coming down heavily!!

Welcome to Macland

sandra wyman said...

Really enjoyed your visit to the show, especially as I managed to miss it this year - also the Lincoln visit!

Emma said...

It's all wonderful, specially the shapes on the cathedral! I think that guy from your previous post was playing the guitar the WHOLE time at the creative stitches show - such stamina!

liniecat said...

I didnt go to the show this time so lovely to see things from it, thanks. Loved that seaside themed piece too.
Thats an amazing pic of the stained glass colours spangled, gem like, on the pillars.
What a great day out and with such brill company too!( DH included )

sweetypie said...

sounds like you had a lovely day..

Dot said...

Hi Julie. As always your blog posts are a feast for the senses. Looks like you had the perfect day. Envious that you got to see lovely Linda again :). Downtown Abbey is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for sharing the close up of the dress. Gorgeous fabric!
Happy Easter to you and DH xx

pam said...

Sounds like you have been having good time out and about - the dress from Downton was beautiful - and I love the colour show on the pillars that was lovely.

Alex said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day in Lincoln! Most beautiful cathedral in the world, but I'm biased!!

Linda said...

Love your photos Julie!! Didn't we have a great day? Sunshine, art, friends, scenery ....and chocolate
Couldn't really wish for more :-)

I'd love to see the Downton Abbey dresses....lucky you.