Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nottingham Light Night

My DH and I have just had a very cold but very enjoyable weekend with some friends over at Nottingham.  We met up with DH's fellow photo blogging friend Gailsman for Friday nights' Light Night celebrations and also to see DH's son performing with his Indie Band Red Shoe Diaries at their single launch party.

After a bit of a false start the front of the Council House was illuminated with changing patterns of light which were great inspiration but a little tricky to capture with the camera.  

These lovely clockwork images were all moving and were projected on the curtain wall of Nottingham Castle accompanied by a couple of daleks and a TARDIS.  We didn't get close enough to the daleks to be in any danger ;-)  It was very slippery under foot around the castle as there had been recent snow fall and it was freezing hard.  You can find some more images on my DH's blog here.

While we were in the castle grounds we were witness to a very romantic occasion,

 This very large heart was displaying messages throughout the evening and as we were looking at this one a young gentleman standing next to us went down on one knee! Sadly no pic of that.  The very surprised and delighted Sylvia said, Yes!

Aaaaaaaah!  I hope they are always as happy.  

Not to be outdone my DH had his say

Bless! xx
As did our friend Gailsman

 Who said romance is dead?

These illuminated figures were a lifesize family made from recycled plastic by Sarah Turner.  

To wind up the evening we went to the Cafe bar at the Nottingham Contemporary where my DH's son was performing with his Indie band Red Shoe Diaries .  It is not easy to get photographs indoors while everyone's moving but I managed one

 My stepson is partially hidden behind Leanne, the female vocalist.  The evening was a great success and launched their new single Ice and Snow.

You can listen to their music if you wish on Youtube

And here in Paris in 2010.

And finally

Since Dilly was asking me where my hat was the other day here's another hat photo taken in the lift at Nottingham Castle on Friday night.  Not a clue who the strange people in the background are ;-)


Emma said...

I haven't ben to a light show in years, this looked great & that hat is perfect! Great snow dyeing posts - I would have had to climb 2000 feet to get any here but even that's gone ;)

Heather said...

What a wonderful time you had inspite of the weather. Love the effects of the Light Show and those romantic messages. So glad Sylvia said yes!
Congrats to your stepson and his band.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather, I love to receive your friendly words :-)

Clare Wassermann said...

It looks amazing - funny we went to Nottingham today - haven't been for years!

Amanda said...

What a fabulous evening! Love the hearts too. Very special.

Peneller said...

What a great show and worth braving the cold for the message on the heart! Not sure about the music, but each to his own!!!

imac said...

Great stuff Soul mate,xxx

pam said...

Oh that all looked good - looked like you were enjoying yourself.

sharon young said...

Lovely night out, Julie, it looks like a real spectacle. And what a romantic DH you have :-)

Linda said...

Sorry I'm late here Julie...I meant to leave a comment last week but I got side-tracked looking this up on the internet and then I forgot. I'm hopping mad that I didn't know about this - and I live in Notts!! Can you believe I saw no adverts or publicity for the event....and neither did any of my friends. Thats bad, isn't it. looks like you had a great time. Maybe I'll see you there next year ;-)
(Love the hat BTW)