Monday, 1 August 2011

Thank you's

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who left me 'Happy Birthday' messages here and on Facebook.  I felt really spoilt having so many lovely messages.  That is one of the wonderful benefits to participating in the network of blogging and communicating via Facebook.  

I had a lovely day on my birthday.  My friend Ann and I repeated last year's birthday visit to the Quilt Museum in York.  The two exhibitions on at the moment and until 29 August are 'Celebrations' and 'Made inYorkshire' and both are interesting and stimulating.  Sadly no photography is allowed but do go and see the exhibitions if you get the chance.  I was particularly struck by the work of Carol Coleman who is a textile artist and whose work defies belief.  You can see an image of the piece displayed at York here.   If the link doesn't work just check out Carol's gallery.

The work of Caroline Dunn also impressed me.  Her mixed media textile pieces are layered and include stitched detail and have a beautiful atmosphere to them.  If you follow the link and scroll down you will see some of her work including the piece with crows which is in the exhibition.

As you might expect birthday outings call for a little retail therapy.  My dear DH gave me some money to treat myself with and it would have been churlish of me not to make the best effort for him ;-)

I didn't go too mad, did I?  I couldn't resist the batiks and I am planning to use the postbox fabric for a pennant for the Olympics.  If you haven't heard of this idea yet there is still time to join in.  I will be adding a link in my sidebar to the Quilts 4 London site where you can find full details of how to make a pennant which will be given to one of the competitiors in the London Olympics 2012.  I haven't decided what I will do yet but it is top of my to-do list.

My dear friend Ann thoroughly spoilt me with her birthday present:

She made me this beautiful sewing pouch which will be a pleasure to take with me whenever I want to take a portable sewing project.  It is so beautifully made and has some beautiful beaded details.  I believe the pattern came from a Popular Patchwork magazine.  And what about that gorgeous batik?!!!  The piece on the left is so vibrant and  I will have to find a special project for it.  Maybe another Round Robin, which is where I used the last piece Ann gave me.

The crowning glory of my birthday was a very special card from my mum.  My DH made her one of his lovely photo cards for me and expected that he would have to write it for her but she took the pen and wrote me the most beautiful message.  I have to admit it brought me to sobbing tears as the last time she wrote a card, for her brother, she got the words all jumbled but this time everything was in the right order.  My DH tells me the only word she asked him how to spell was 'my'! 

Since last week we have been busy clearing some of the things from my friend Grace's house so things have been very hectic.  I have found quite a lot of vintage linens and lace so I will show you those another time.  It is a sad task but we keep finding things that bring back happy memories amongst the sad moments and I have found some wonderful photographs dating back more than a hundred years.

I can't resist showing you this beautiful embroidery

Sadly I don't know who the embroiderer was.  Grace would have been 27 at this time and busy working but maybe she stitched it.  Funnily enough we never really discussed embroidery when she was alive so it may have been her mother's work.  More to come next time!


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Gorgeous goodies. The gift from your friend is simply lovely. I know you will enjoy it. xox Corrine

freebird said...

You've got some nice stuff there! What a special gift that your mother was able to give you this year. I'm sure it will be treasured forever.

Maybe something of Grace's will find it's way into a special piece of quilting. Don't forget the little things no one wants can be worked into a crazy quilt piece.

Emma said...

Belated Happy Birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate.

Your quilt your Mum & that ice cream look great. (we mustn't feel guilty every time we enjoy ourselves a little - we deserve rewards & if we could find a cure for the worlds problems, we would ;)I'd have loved to join you & Angela on that fyeing day.

Thanks for your kind words - well, you gave me permission to burble ;) !!

Heather said...

Lovely post Julie and all your goodies are fantastic - I know you will put them to good use. How lovely to get a hand written card from you Mum. It sounds as if you will have plenty of treasures from Grace's house - I was 1 when that sampler was stitched!

Maggi said...

Glad you had a good birthday and your gifts are gorgeous. Thanks for the links. What a beautiful sampler.

Angela said...

Julie I didn't know it was your birthday so I send belated birthday wishes. I'm so pleased you had a good one and a lovely card from your mum.
The sampler is beautiful are you going to get it framed?

sandra wyman said...

Love the goodies - and the ones from Ann are just mouthwatering!
See you next week - can't wait

Anonymous said...

I love visiting the Quilt Museum and the shop is such a huge temptation - I think you were very restrained considering it was your birthday!


Hello sweet friend, so happy you had a wonderful time on your birthday enjoying something you love most with a good friend and retail therapy on top! What more could a girl ask for. The card from your mum brought lump to my throat. I know how much you will treasure that
Grace's embroidery is very interesting. I love old samplers too.

Only another week until we can have a cup of tea together :o)

Lots of love
Carolyn xoxo

Lis said...

What a lot of high moments in one post, I'm so happy for you.

pam said...

Oh belated Happy Birtday - glad you had such a lovely day. Oh it must be sad to be going through your friend's possessions but what a treasure you have found - I am certain that you will be able to use lots and lots of it in the future and they will always be good memories.

Helena said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DILLY will be sooooooooooooo upset to hear she's missed your birthday! Better tell us the date so we don't miss it next year!!!


Clare Wassermann said...

Gorgeous.....I look forward to finding you at the quilt festival x

Moogsmum said...

What lovely birthday gifts - it sounds like you had a great day and so special that your Mum managed to write your card herself :o)

I can't wait to see what you make with all your lovely fabrics.


Linda said...

A lovely post Julie....I enjoyed everything in it :-) Lots of happy memories for you I guess.
Love Linda xx
See you Friday!!! :-D

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I shall look out for you and your quilt on Saturday.

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my congratulations!