Tuesday, 7 June 2011

This is my Cornwall

Well, it would be if I could only make the move!  However, my heart definitely lies in Cornwall as you probably already know and this morning the postman brought me a wonderful book written by a true Cornishman who knows the area of Penwith like the back of his hand.

The book features Harry's intimate knowledge of the area where he was born, knowledge that he has delighted in sharing with locals and visitors alike on his minibus tours.  My DH and I took one such tour in 2006 on a very misty, mizzly day in June and were introduced to the hidden secrets of the land around St Ives. 

Harry's book is illustrated with photographs and fine drawings and paintings by his wife, Ann.
Sadly Harry has had to undergo surgery which now prevents him from leading his tour groups but his place has been taken by Russell Peake.  A man of many talents, Harry has also written many songs celebrating this beautiful county and you can click on the link below to enjoy just one of his tunes. 

I can't resist showing you just a few of the images from our day out with Harry.  I can't believe it was 5 years ago!
DH practising devining in Towednack Church.

Harry telling us all about the history of the Iron Age settlement at Bodrifty in a very murky setting.

Also at Bodrifty a beautiful twisted thorn tree (could it be blackthorn?).  As we left this atmospheric site my DH managed to slip over into a very soggy patch of ground and spent the rest of the day with a wet btm!

This barn is actually the remnant of a Norman Long House.

.The barn in the previous photograph was down a long track which took us to this arrangement of stones known as Men an Tol.

Finally, this is Lanyon Quoit, the remains of a long barrow. 

If you want to know more about all these locations contact Harry and order his very informative book.  (I don't have any affiliation with Harry other than having enjoyed hearing his stories and his music).

I have a lot of catching up to do here on the blog and have missed sharing several things with you so I'll try and have a catch up soon.  We have just got back from making the final clearance of Mum's house so while I am worn out again at least we won't be travelling back and forth to Essex or have the stress of dismantling Mum's life.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us that the house will sell quickly so that we can secure Mum's care.

PS  Thank you to everyone who has voted for 'Unfolding the Quilts'.  If you haven't voted yet there's still time, just click the link in my side bar.  Many thanks :-D


Heather said...

What a treasure that book will be for you Julie. The photos are great,even if the weather was not quite up to holiday brochure style! The boulders making up the stone barn are amazing and I love the standing stones too. Good Luck with the sale of your Mum's house.

Clare Wassermann said...

Oh I am the same - can't move there yet but hopefully when the youngest leaves for UNi in 9 years!!!!!

Su said...

I've only been to Cornwall once, 6 yeras ago now, but I loved it. As I was brought up by the sea in Norfolk there are times I'd move anywhere that was by the coast as I miss it loads, but Suffolk is special, albeit in a very different way!

ju-north said...

I can see you living there eventually! Hope all goes well with your mum's house. x


You know how to tell a good story I really enjoyed this and seeing the photos Julie. I love to see Cornwall like that in the murky mist. It was like that on my recent trip to Zennor and I love that it adds a whole new personality to the Cornish landscape. Also loves the pics of Lanyon Quoit and Men an Tol ... how funny you should post that soon after me LOL :o)

Lots of love, hope all goes well at the house x

peneller said...

Lovely photos Julie. Cornish rain really adds to the atmosphere at these ancient sights! Perhaps one day you'll be able to move there! We're hoping to next year so I'll keep you posted1

Angela said...

Harry sounds like a lively cheerful character, just the kind of person you need on a tour. Bet you had a great time.
Hope the house clearing isn't too stressful.

Cameron said...

Julie, you would make a great tour guide. I enjoyed the trip from across the pond. Haven't talked to you for so long. Love to hear. Check in and I'll catch you up. Hugs

freebird said...

I love these photos. Wow, that barn is terrific! I can understand wanting so badly to live somewhere. Southern California with the San Diego area especially, is like that for me. I keep telling myself someday, someday.

Sadness but relief is how you might be feeling about clearing out your mom's house. I hope it sells quickly for you. Take care. Think about Cornwall!

maggi said...

A lovely post Julie. Good luck with the house sale. Hang on to that Cornish dream

Anonymous said...

Nowhere quite like Cornwall... Just voted for the Quilt Museum. It's such a great treasure. Thanks for putting up the links.

pam said...

What a lovely book - you always make your blog so interesting and you feel you are with you on your tour. I think we need to visit Cornwall I haven't been for years.

Linda said...

What a great connection you have there. You have definitely done wonders for Cornish tourism...we are hoping to pay a visit in September thanks to people like you and Carolyn!

Emma said...

Lovely, I don't know the place I was born at all! You'll get there one day, keep dreaming!

MargaretR said...

What a lovely time you've had Julie. i hope DH was non the worse fter his fall? Good luck with the house sale.