Friday, 25 March 2011

My Brother

has just reminded me that it's been a while since I've had anything to say here.  Bad girl!  I've been blog hopping and commenting but just haven't got round to committing my own words to the ether.  Equally I don't have a lot to share, although I did go to the Sewing For Pleasure show yesterday and had a pleasant time wandering around instead of dashing everywhere like a headless chicken as I usually do.  It was lovely meeting up with fellow bloggers Sandra, a special friend; Lynda (lovely to meet up at last!) and quite unexpectedly, Gina, who I have known since we both started blogging.  I did take a few photos but they're still in my camera so maybe next time for those.

Belatedly I have some photos for you of the trip I made to London 2 weeks ago to attend the annual meeting of the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilters Guild.  I hadn't been to an annual meeting before but it was a very enjoyable affair made more exciting by a talk from the guest speaker Jo Budd.  

I first came across Jo's work at the Festival of Quilts in 2008 and remember being blown away by the size of her work and the painterly quality of the way she used fabrics and colours.  Unsurprisingly Jo's talk was entitled 'Painting with Cloth' and that is precisely what she has spent her textile career doing after studying painting and textiles at University.  Jo specialises in layering different weights of cloth and using stitch as marks to mould the surface.  

She spends hours getting just the right quality of stitch to achieve the effect she is seeking and will rip it all out if it is not perfect.  Jo describes stitch as being the energy in her work. She has made much use of rusted fabrics and it was fascinating to see something of her process in her Powerpoint presentation.  Some of the marks she achieves are made by monoprint and her whole talk sparked off all sorts of ideas and kept my pen busy taking notes and ideas for future projects of my own.  I just need to find the time and energy to do them!

When the meeting finished I walked back to Kings Cross and quickly captured a few photos on the way.

The BT Tower just adjacent to our venue on Hamlet Court Road.

Just a few of the ladies gathering for the day's business.

What era would you say these shop signs date from?  This is Heals department store which has been trading for 200 years.

This enormous sculpture of Sir Isaac Newton stands in the grounds of the British Library and is the work of Eduardo Paolozzi.

This imposing sign proclaims the entrance to this grand building in case you were in any doubt.

I was struck by this view of the newly renovated St Pancras Hotel towering over the modern shapes of the library and its gardens and sculptures.  I think DH and I will have to have a day trip to the capital to see this properly and the new St Pancras station too.

On Sunday it will be 3 weeks since we brought Mum up to Lincolnshire and thankfully she seems to be settling into her new home.  She is missing her friends but is much more relaxed and has a big smile on her face whenever I go in to see her.  We are going to bring her to our house on Sunday for the afternoon so I hope that doesn't unsettle her but it will be nice to spend some 'normal' time with her away from the home. 

Whatever you are doing this weekend have a good time.


dosfishes said...

Wow, Jo Budd's work is stunning in it's complicated simplicity if that makes sense. So are your other friends. Hope ypu are well and glad for the mini-tour. xox Corrine

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I am glad to hear that your mum has settled into the home well. Hope you have a lovely time Sunday.

freebird said...

Interesting bits you've shared in your photos. Since I've never been there it's all new to me.

Glad your mum has a smile to share with you. You can start to feel the move was a help for all of you.

As far as surfing the web rather than keeping up your blog, I can understand as I do that too! One blog leads to the next, and the next and....

ju-north said...

Pleased all seems to be going well with your mum and that you are having some good days out!

pam said...

The trip to London looks really amazing - and such a nice clear day to take piccies as well. Look forward to pictures of your day at the show as well. Have a good day with Mum on Sunday - it is nice to hear she is settling well and doing well too.

Heather said...

A very interesting post Julie with great photos. I know what you mean about time and energy - I think that energy is harder to come by than time! I'm sure your Mum will enjoy her visit to you and so pleased she has settled in to her new surroundings.


How interesting. I would love to have heard the talk by Jo Budd as I too love her work. See you soon x

Gina said...

It was lovely to see you too Julie. Pleased to hear your Mum seems more settled.

Linda said...

Hi Julie....I'm really glad to hear that your mum is settling in. That must make you feel loads better too. Hope Sunday went well.
Love the greens in that first photo :-)
Going to follow that link now....

katney said...

I can see that our three days in London was not nearly enough. (Nor was our day in Lincoln, really.) I see some familiar bits and lots that we did not even get near to. Maybe we can come back and when we do, get together again.