Monday, 28 March 2011


I should have posted this some time ago so apologies to Tina for not trumpeting (!) her beautiful Elephant quilt from Kate North's 'another Little Quilt Swap'.  This is the 5th swap Kate has organised and this time we worked to an A4 or US equivalent sizing.  You can look at all the quilts made by clicking here.  You need to scroll through to the 1 February and earlier to see the quilts.  Kate has the unenviable task of sorting out everyone's requests and matching quilt to 'swapee'. 

I love Tina's work so I was really pleased to receive her elephant.  Tina's work is always very colourful and always involves a lot of handstitching and usually a fair scattering of sequins and embellishments.  This elephant is even more special because Tina made him and many others while undergoing chemo and this is the last of her chemo elephants. Tina is now well and fully recovered and I feel privileged to have this special elephant.  Do click on the image to see all the details and printing that Tina included in her quilt.

This is the quilt I made for the swap

The quilt was made from a piece of shibori dyed fabric that I made in a workshop a couple of years ago.  I decided to work it all by hand and it helped me get through some of the time when I was looking after my mum after her stroke. I always find hand sewing very soothing and I'm sure it lowers the blood pressure.

My quilt went off to Wil Opio Oguta who lives in the Netherlands and who is coincidentally a fellow member of the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilters Guild.  It's a small world, especially as Tina and I belong to the same quilt group too!


ju-north said...

Lovely quilt Julie! Handstitching works so well on it

Amo said...

Two great quilts. And I totally agree about hand stitching.

pam said...

I adore the quilts and I love handstitching very theraputic.

Heather said...

I love both those quilts Julie and the hand stitching really adds something special. So glad Tina's elephants worked for her!

freebird said...

I love both of these! That elephant is so cute. (I'm glad they helped her through her chemo). Yours is elegant. Sounds like a good size to work on for a swap.


Both quilts are gorgeous! I think you are right about the hand sewing ... I always find it brings time to think and get things in perspective


fiona d said...

what a delightful elephant - I love your shibori piece too.

DILLY said...



Julie do wunderful things wunderfully.


DILLY said...


Anonymous said...

The elephant quilt is gorgeous Julie. I love the way that the hand stitching on your shibori piece gives it such movement.

Helmi said...

I live in the Netherlands but I'am not a member. My work has a lot of textiel in it (mixed media)
Your quilt looks great, thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I know Wil, and have been involved on a Round Robin fabric thingie with her once. Love your shibori piece.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hallo Julie, I hope yor ok!
I think yor sowin is very clever.
I like the bloo cullers, too.

Nose hugs!

Linda said...

Love the colours in your elephant quilt Julie .....and the seed stitching looks perfect on your shibori piece.
And you're absolutely right about sewing therapy :-)

Dot said...

Your shibori piece is beautiful Julie. Agree with you about hand stitching - it is very soothing isn't it?
Dot xx


Have a lovely Easter weekend
Spring blessings
Carolyn ♥