Monday, 20 December 2010

Catching Up

I was going to be clever and set up some pages for my Sketchbook Project so that you didn't have to be bored by them all but I can't find out how to do it (so far) so if you're not interested just scroll past the upcoming pictures.  I was beginning to think that I would never finish the Sketchbook Project before the deadline of 15 January but I'm pleased to say that I am just about there.  I blogged about the first few pages here.  The remaining pages are here for your delectation!

This page was an oil pastel sketch with watercolour wash, with painted bark and a collage of fabrics and papers applied. 

The right hand page was a collage of beach finds over a napkin made when we were in St Ives in October and the left is a doodle.  I seem to have inadvertently  drawn a feminine form without intending to.

Scraped paint on the left and printing on the right with a wavy edge cut into the page.

What was I thinking!  This is a weaving of the laminated polyester that I used in my Journal Quilt  together with painted newsprint over a painted background.  If I had time I would work on top of this but I don't think that is going to happen.

I had fun with this page.  It is another vertical collage of napkins, painted papers of various content, painted doily and the backing paper from painted Bondaweb.

The right hand page was scribbled over with a white oil pastel which was supposed to resist the watercolour wash. Hmmm!  I threw salt on the paint while it was wet.

This is more oil pastel scribble with a watercolour wash.  It's not finished as I intend to add more scribbles in different materials on top (felt tip, coloured pencil, watercolour crayon).

This page above was great fun too.  I cheated and drew round a fish shaped clothes label that I found in St Ives.  I then used various texture mediums for the top 3 fish and collaged a piece of pre-painted yupo for the bottom fish. (NO affiliation to the SAA).  I used all sorts of  yarns and fabrics for the tails and may come back to this for a future quilt. 

The Theme of my Sketchbook is 'This is not a Sketchbook' so I thought I would finish with' This is not the End' ;-) Again, this page could do with some more work and I may try and add some printing if I possibly can.

I did have great plans for this sketchbook when I started out but they didn't quite turn out as I expected.  I removed a lot of the pages and stuck many of the remaining ones together as the paper was very flimsy.  At least I have managed to fill it and in the spirit of a working sketchbook some of the pages could be worked into.  Maybe someone who borrows it will decide to add their own contribution?

So, what else has been happening in freezing cold Lincolnshire?  You don't need me to tell you it's been freezing for far too long.  Fortunately we haven't had the latest dumping of snow but frost has been making everywhere look very pretty.

When I went to the postbox this afternoon the moon was already up:

My DH tells me that tomorrow is a very special winter solstice as there will be an eclipse of the moon.   Many thanks to my DH for the link!  It is the first time in 372 years that a lunar eclipse has fallen on the winter solstice.  It's quite probable that we won't see it here as fog is forecast.  Typical!

Finally, for the moment, something actually textile related.  I've finally managed to photograph the cot quilt I made for our friend's daughter's baby with the fabric my other friend's daughter designed (Farm Corner from Makower).

My DH kindly held the quilt up and you can see how big it's turned out.  I pretty much designed the quilt from scratch around the centre panel although I did use a pattern in one of the quilting magazines for a guide to the dimensions.  (Sorry, can't track down which one).

Life chez moi is pretty full of caring for Mum with not much time for creativity although I am trying to fit some hand sewing in.  Mum is making very slow progress, probably because I'm too soft with her and wait on her too much.  She is still walking with a frame so she can't carry anything but I've just had a brainwave!  The Red Cross hire out equipment so I think I'll see if I can hire one of those walkers with the trays on then maybe it will be easier for her to come and fetch things from the kitchen.  I really feel I need to get her to move about a bit more and that would be a start.

I hope you're all getting through the mad rush up to the big day on Saturday and that everyone gets safely home or to their holiday destination.  I'll be back in a day or two to say a proper Happy Christmas. :-)


Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love the variety in your sketchbook pages. Well done. It's been really frosty and foggy here as well. Glad to here your mum is doing well. I hope you get her walker and tray sorted.

dosfishes said...

Your sketchbook pages are fab. Mine is languishing and I have lost my inspiration for it. The shots of the hoar frost are wonderful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. xox Corrine

Heather said...

Super post Julie - I love your sketchbook pages and your frosty photos. The cot quilt is beautiful. Good luck with your Mum's progress - that's a great idea to borrow a walker with tray attached. Keep warm!

ju-north said...

Well, it was worth waiting for! Great pages and photos, not to mention the quilt. You quite put my efforts to shame! Have a lovely Christmas with S and mum. x

Sarah said...

The sketch book looks great and I adore the fish!
Merry Christmas xx

sandra wyman said...

Congrats on the sketchbook pages and the cot quilt - and have a really good Christmas all three of you!

pam said...

Thanks for the post - it is lovely to see all your work and ideas - love the frosty pictures - have a super Christmas

Angela said...

Your sketchbook work is brilliant. Thanks for sharing it with us.
It's gret that your mum is making progress even if it is slow.

Anonymous said...

What a news filled posting that was. Congratulations on finishing the sketchbook...I especially liked your fish! I wish I'd taken part now, but would probably got in a mess leaving it all to the last minute.

The quilt looks gorgeious; such a lot of work. I hope it's appreciated :)

Have a lovely Christmas with your mum. I think it's a genius idea to have a tray on the front of her walker. Sometimes it's difficult to motivate people, to help them regain their confidence, but I'm sure she will and this sounds like a good thing to do.


An absolute feast for the eyes. I loved every single photo, the sketchbook of course ... I love it all. I love your frosty photos, your winter solstice photo and also your beautiful quilt. My you have been busy when I know it is not easy for you at the moment one thing and another. My sketchbook will be up on the blog after Christmas ... I'm still stitchin pressies although I think tomorrow I will be finished! Phew!

Lots of love dear friend xxxx

maggi said...

The sketchbook is looking good Julie, and you are so right, a sketchbook should be full of ideas and inspiration, not of finished masterpieces. Great photos and well done for getting the quilt finished. Hope your mum continues to make progress.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Julie,

Your sketchbook project looks as if you had a lot of fun doing it as well - great! (I adore these fish of yours!)

And the quilt is just wonderful!

And lovely frosty photos!

Yes, get that tray on the walker, that's a very good idea and motivation!

Merry Christmas, dear Julie, and best wishes for a joyful and healthy new year!

xox! Anneli

Ro Bruhn said...

Your sketchbook looks fabulous Julie. Have a wonderful Christmas, I don't know how you cope with all of the cold weather, it's been around 15c here and we are freezing. Not sure where our summer is.