Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This is the photo that didn't want to load last night.  I used several different adjustments in the Image tab in Photoshop Elements and then applied a Spatter filter.  It was just a quick  play and I'm sure it is open to other manipulations, especially with the use of layers.  Looks a bit like a felted picture, don't you think?

Whenever you are in St Ives Bay you cannot fail to notice Godrevy Lighthouse which sits majestically on Godrevy Island.   Before I ever went to St Ives I made an oil painting of the lighthouse and also painted it on a ceramic plaque and I have been fascinated by it ever since.  This year on our holiday we had the chance of a boat trip out to the lighthouse so as it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to go.

The boat we went out on was the 'Dolly Pentreath', a traditional Cornish fishing lugger.  It rolled a bit but generally it was a good trip and very exciting to be up close to the lighthouse. 

From the shore you can't tell that there is that huge rock behind the main island.

It was also interesting to see St Ives from a different perspective.

I've no doubt my DH will be posting some more dramatic pictures of our little adventure on his blog before long.


artymess said...

lovely photos.....reminding us of Summer ....x

imac said...

Gee, I must be slow.

ju-north said...

You've got some serious competition here Stewart! Julie - that image would look great felted!

Heather said...

That's a stunning image Julie and I loved the trip round the lighthouse - thanks for sharing it with us.

pam said...

Gosh the photo looked great - you are very clever. I adore boat trips so does Rob - and all your holidays make me feel we need to get away more!!!

maggi said...

I had forgotten just how beautiful that sea is. Thanks for the photos. Would love to see that photo in felt and stitch.