Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Goodies in the Post

Isn't it nice to get goodies in the post?  Carole Brungar who has been running the Journal workshop here had the great idea to organise a swap of napkins (serviettes) among the girls doing her journal making class.  I dutifully sent off my 10 napkins and today I've received a beautiful selection of napkins and some very useful papers for adding to journal pages.  Some of the napkins will be pressed straight into service and I don't think the lollipop is going to last long either!

A couple of weeks ago we had to go to Essex to take my Mum home after she had been staying here so I built a detour into the journey to visit an exhibition by Fen Edge Textiles at Maeldune Heritage Centre in Maldon.   Fen Edge Textiles are mentored by Pauline Verrinder so that should tell you how professional the work in this exhibition is.  The works in the exhibition were on a theme of 'Yesterday' but as you may expect the interpretations were many and varied.  I was only able to take a few photographs but I can recommend this exhibition to you if you live within reach.

My photograph doesn't do this beautiful wall hanging justice, you really need to see it.  The piece was made by Sharne who blogs as Sharne's Bits and Bobs and you can find it on her blog here and on earlier posts.  I thought at first that this was one piece of organza but Sharne has expertly blended the colours to make a seamless flow of colour change from top to bottom.  On the windowsill in the photo above you can also see a vessel made of the flowers which is also on Sharne's blog.  

A lovely part of the exhibition is a collection of insects with a twist made by the group members. 

I think this one is an interpretation of a horsefly!

I love the 'dragon'fly :)  Dilly, are you looking?

Finally these re Sharne's King Henry and Queen 'Bess' Monarch butterflies which she blogged about in August.  Sharne and all the artists have invested so much effort in these fun figures.  The exhibition continues until the beginning of October so if you live near Maldon do go and have a look.  You will be greeted very warmly  by the members of FET who are stewarding and there are some lovely sketchbooks to look at too.  Altogether a well organised and friendly show.  Maldon is well worth a visit too being an old historic Essex port.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that my  friend is finally out of hospital and is now in a nursing home close to home and friends.  Not sure how long G will be in care but she is very happy to be out of hospital and she is looking very well.  Noone seems in any hurry to rush her recuperation but she is making the effort to have little walks along the corridor.  We went to see her at the weekend when she was in another home waiting for a place here and we were able to give her a wheel out in the sunshine.  I don't think she will mind if I show you a photo. 

 Bless her, she's a fighter!


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Thank you so much for your lovely write up about our exhibition.
I am glad that your friend is on the road to recovery at last.
Happy Hols.

ju-north said...

Lovely post as usual. Great to see your friend - that must be a relief for you to know she is in good hands.

Gina said...

Lovely to see your friend up and about Julie. The exhibition lokked fabulous.

maggi said...

Lovely goodies Julie. Thanks for showing Sharne's piece, I have been following the progress on her blog so it is good to see it actually hanging. Good news about your friend, She certainly is a fighter.

JP said...

thanks for the photos of the exhibition - glad your friend is better and your mum has also improved - you have had atime of it lately - methinks you need a holiday in St IVES!!!!

pam said...

Wow that exhibition looked fabulous - those insects were really something else. Glad your friend is on the road to getting back out and about - she is lucky to have such a good friend as well

Heather said...

Great idea to swap napkins as the nicest ones are quite expensive. The Maldon exhibition looks stunning - the quirky insects are great fun. Your friend is looking very well - so glad she is in a nice home and can get out to enjoy the sunshine.

Julie said...

JP you could be right! Watch this space ;)

Angela said...

It's good to see your friend up and about.
The exhibition looks great.

Linda said...

Great exhibition ...love Sharne's hanging.
And I'm so glad to see that your friend is recovering.