Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Festival of Quilts 3

Before I start on a rather picture heavy post I am delighted to say that my Quilt has returned home safely this morning!  I'm impressed with how quickly it has been returned.  You can imagine my excitement, tearing off the packaging to see my baby again and to look for the judge's comments!  Then my dismay when I couldn't find them!  Fortunately I had a flash of inspiration and found the judge's envelope underneath the address label. Phew!  

Trepidation as I opened the envelope turned to a warm glow as I read the comments and found that apart from one "satisfactory" from one judge regarding the quilting (justified I thought) both judges gave either good or excellent!!!! Yay!!!!  I got an 'excellent' for "Edge treatment, hangs well'.  Yes!  I was desperate that my quilt should hang well so I am delighted that it did.  Ok, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet here are the actual comments:

Judge One:  Sand and Sea are clearly the message. Love the touches of frayed to denote sea spray.

Judge Two:  Your choice of fabrics and technique has brought this simple idea to life.

Happy me!

OK back to the Show.

This large traditional quilt, which is absolutely beautiful is by Cathi Smith O'Neill who I know through Kate North's blog and who I bumped into at the Show, twice!  I am in awe of the amount of work in this quilt, which is called "Frugal Jane".  

This is a detail of a large quilt by Louise Jessup entitled "Going Solo".  I was impressed by the many embroidered seagulls.  

This beautiful quilt "Letting Go" is by Nicola Kimber and recalls the tranquility of New Zealand.  This quilt won a Highly Commended.

Sarah Welsby's very subtle quilt which incorporates laminated paper.

This prize-winning quilt is by Luke Daymond in the Young Quilter group.  Luke won third prize for this quilt which was all his own work and incorporates a paper map.

These are the stunning Iraq Marriage blankets which have some beautiful motifs in them.  You can see some close up details of them on Margaret Cooter's blog for 24 August.

This beautiful floaty quilt is by Molly Bullick and is titled "South Asian Studies".  It arose from a Pojagi workshop at the 2009 FOQ.

Lastly, but very definitely not least, is the Roses From The Heart display which several people in blogland have been talking about.  I have blogged about this project before but I can't find where so I shall repeat the details, which are worthy of repeat. Each bonnet carries the name of a woman convict and people have been able to include the name of someone in their family or from their home town so that the project becomes more personal. 

  Christina Henri is amassing 25,266 bonnets made by women all over the world to commemorate the women who were transported to Australia, usually for the pettiest of transgressions.  Once assembled the bonnets will form a permanent installation.  Christina still need about 6000 bonnets for this project and you can download a pattern here.

The most moving sight of the exhibition was the sea of bonnets laid out on the exhibition floor.

A moving, emotional sight to consider all these lives torn out from everything they knew and to be sent thousands of miles away. 

On a  lighter note, I went to see my friend in hospital yesterday and she is doing well.  I was pleased to see her sitting out of bed.  Today I have heard that she has had her first walk on her newly mended leg and she is understandably delighted! :-)) 



Absolutely beautiful post. Congratulations Julie on the lovely comments you received on your beautiful quilt. Would love to see it when you come down ;o)

Also love the very detailed seagulls and Luke Daymond's quilt. An artist to watch, I think!

So glad G is doing well :o)
Blessing to you both x

Anonymous said...

I love the Letting Go quilt. Beautiful colours. And well done on your quilt. It must have been such a thrill! Glad to hear your friend is doing so much better. :-)

ju-north said...

Congrats on the excellent comments on your quilt! It must be very encouraging. Pleased your friend is making such a good recovery - amazing at that age.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your judges' comments Julie and glad the quilt got back to you safely. Good news of your friend - she is amazing. Love the photos you've posted - such a variety of styles - fascinating.

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

Your quilt was fantastic! thank you for your kind comments about mine.

sandra wyman said...

So glad your friend is doing well. And that you got such positive (and well-deserved) comments from the judges. Really enjoyed getting together at FOQ. Now trying to recover! It is taking time and I am learning to live life like a cat (lots of naps) until I feel better. Oh but what larks we had young Julie what larks (as an ex Eng Lit teacher I can't help the odd Dickens quote! sorry bout that)

Gina said...

Congratulations on such well deserved comments from the judges. Pleased to hear G is doing so well.

pam said...

Thanks for the lovely post - well done you on your comments from the judges though justly deserved. I realise by looking at your photos just how much I missed - there is too much to look at just in a day. Oh I am pleased G is recovering well - how is your cold I hope that is better now.

Wendy Coyne said...

you deserved the good comments, it is a lovely quilt, looks simple until you get in close and then there is lots of interesting detail to see. I am glad you went and can't wait to hear about your classes

Lis said...
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Lis said...

Lovely post and well done on your quilt. The bonnets were so moving - I am currently making one. I really enjoyed FoQ as you obviously did, it's so interesting to read others' takes on it - and to see how often the same quilts are admired, I loved the Rust-Tex quilts, Sue Wild sent me to your blog btw :)

Helena said...

Relieved that your quilt survived the postal system!

That blue one with the London slyline is amazing.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your goods and excellents..well deserved. Thanks for showing the quilts. I love the pojagi(?)having seen it on a blog I visit.
One of these days I'll have a go.

Dot said...

I agree with Carolyn - a beautiful post! A big congratulations on the comments you received on your quilt - well done you :).
Wish I could have come to the festival with you (and down to visit Carolyn too).
Dot xx

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing all the lovely quilts. Congratulations on your quilt. I must now read more of your posts. Have a delightful day.