Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Works in Progress

I have been making good progress on the quilt for our friend's baby who was born a week ago today.  I was hoping to get it finished for today as we should have been visiting baby but unfortunately Mum and baby have had to have a few more days in hospital so I have been given a reprieve for a few days.  Just as well really as my machine is not behaving itself and I keep getting broken threads.  I've adjusted the tension and I am already using a new needle so I think I may have to change the thread I am using and see if that helps.  Anyway here's a pic of the progress so far:

I've settled on a random swirly quilt stitch and I'm quilting it a quarter at a time so that I don't have to keep heaving acres through the throat of the machine.  

After what seems like a long wait my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project arrived yesterday.

I've had a great time today colourwashing some pages and I've also decorated/strengthened the front cover.  The sketchbook is fairly small at only 8.5 inches by 5 but what surprised me was the weight of the paper which just about takes a wash.  I quite like the effect on the reverse of the pages where the paint has soaked through to give a light texture. 

My working title for the sketchbook is 'This is not a Sketchbook'.  I thought that would be less daunting than a set theme and in my mind it means I can do pretty much anything I want in any medium.  I'm thinking there will be a fair bit of collage work and some printing but I will try and get round to doing some sketches here and there.  The sketchbook will eventually be returned to America and will go into the permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library where people will be able to take it out to read just like any library book.  The sketchbooks will also be available to view online from the end of this year and will be going on tour.  If you fancy joining in there's still plenty of time.

A few days ago I received an email inviting me to participate in a project that will benefit a village in the Central Africa Republic.  I checked out the projects credentials and found that several people I know in blogland are already taking part so I decided I would join in too.  I reproduce here Amy's initial invitation.

"I would like to ask if you would consider becoming part of this project that will benefit a village in the Central Africa Republic. A few ladies have been taught quilting and they are really enjoying it. These ladies have sent our organization 2 beautiful squares and we are hoping to put these squares together with other squares from around the world to make a beautiful quilt that will be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds will go to a new well for a village in Central African Republic and a latrine for a school in CAR. We are asking quilters to donate a 12 x 12 or 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 block for our Global Quilt that will be auctioned. We will build 2 latrines (one for the boys and one for the girls) at a school and a nearby clean water well for the community's use. These latrines will provide the privacy maturing girls need to stay in school and the well will help prevent water related diseases. "

Hopefully these crazy squares will fit the bill.  There is still a little time if you want to join in.  The squares have to be in Florida by 31 August so if you can spare a little time click here for details. 

My sketchbook is going to be christened tomorrow.  We are travelling up to Berwick by train and I am going to do some 'travel lines' a la Margaret Cooter.  There is also going to be a meeting with another blogging friend see you soon Julia!

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, I've been adding a bit more to the sketchbook I am making with Carole Brungar.

I've still got lots to do before I can get to the binding but I'm really enjoying the change after making my festival quilt.  
Have a good rest of week :o)


sandra wyman said...

Wow Julie, you sound busy! Have a good time in Northumberland and give my love to Berwick - look forward to seeing your and DH's photographs! Still working on the FOQ quilts and recovering from a busy and fun-filled Summer School!

sharon young said...

Great start to your sb project, love the design for the front cover.
Your second book looks wonderful too, all that lovely frothy lace.

Heather said...

Gosh - you've been busy Julie. The baby quilt is lovely and will provide plenty of visual stimulation for a little person. Great idea for raising funds for such a good cause and your blocks are beautiful. Two sketchbooks on the go at once! I love the look of both. I've just been wearing myself out working on the garden, but have been thinking creatively at the same time. said...

Thank you so much for participating in our Global Quilt Project! Yes, your beautiful blocks fit the bill just fine. We are receiving such a wonderful response from quilters around the world. What a great group of people!
Please check our website to get updates on our global participants and later in the year when we market and auction the quilt. We will keep all our participants informed about the auction of the quilt and the completion of the 2 latrines and nearby community well that will be built in Central Africa Republic.
Thank you for your support!
Amy Allen
Global Change, Inc
A US based 501(c)3 organization

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your coment.!

Your quilting is lovely and the journal cover's colours are just beautiful. :-)

Angela said...

Oh Julie everything your doing sounds so interesting. You really must come and see us for the day soon, bring all your things with you for a show and tell. We can pick you up from the station!

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi Julie, love reading your blog and all the fasinating creations you are participating in cant wait to see your 'not sketch book' as I want to create one myself on holiday in august Have a crafty week ju x

Judy Scott said...

Hi Julie enjoy your train journey and meeting up with your friend - love the work you've been doing, the cover is gorgeous and the blocks for Africa are beautiful. Jx

Gina said...

Gosh, it sounds like you've been busy! I like the cover for your sketchbook.


Wow you have been so busy! Glad your sketchbook arrived, your cover looks fab. Your other sketchbook (Carole) looks great too and baby will love the quilt!

Hope you enjoy Berwick on Tweed

Cameron said...

Julie, Did I miss your quilt that you entered in the show. My computer has been down. Love to here.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I found your blog because of an internet search for dyed fabric and discharge dyeing. I was intrigued by what I saw, including your snow dyed fabric, something I've wanted to try since I learned about the technique last year. Sadly, I didn't get enough snow last winter for the project.

I feature a blog each day and will be featuring yours on Monday (July 12). Thank you for having such an inspirational blog and for providing so much information about dyeing fabric.

cameron covey said...

Julie, Do you ever get any sleep, and now you are taking on more projects. Do I sound like your Mum? How is she? Haven't heard for a bit. The projects that you are doing you are doing so well, love your sketchbook. If you find a good source for lace, and there is any extra, let me know.
Hugs to you and your wonderful Mum, Cameron

Lyn said...

What a great idea! the not a sketchbook is also great, can't wait to see what you do in it.

La Dolce Vita said...

love your beautiful..."this is not a sketchbook" book!

Linda said...

Just saw your lovely photo on Julia's blog - Lindisfarne is such a magical place!
Your journals are super....I especially like the cover on the first one (inspired by St Ives?)

Lottie said...

Your work is absolutely amazing - your quilting - everything - I am so glad I have found your blog.

I haven't done much with material - zero actually - so Carols journal course is quite a challenge - can't wait to see some of your beautiful pages - all that crochet, lace, and ribbon - is so tempting - I just want to grab the book and open it!

margaret said...

Hope you're enjoying the sketchbook - I take mine everywhere....
And thanks for the heads-up on the project in Central African Republic - what a great excuse to make some 12x12 blocks, my favourite size! said...


Your blocks have arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you once again for your participation.

I will keep you posted on the final quilt and our project in CAR.

Amy Allen