Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Miscellany and a Birthday

My Mum is 85 years young today and, while we couldn't get down South to celebrate with her she has had a lovely day with special friends who surprised her with lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Thames and a birthday cake from my lovely cousins with her name on it!   We will be celebrating with Mum in a few weeks time so Interflora had to take our messages for us until then.  Happy Birthday Mum!

Just one or two more photos of the beautiful gardens at Crook Hall but this time it's more inspiration based.

The gardens are populated with figures, little and not so little, some tucked into corners, which are sure to delight some of its younger visitors, or maybe scare them.  They add to the magical atmosphere of the gardens and also give opportunities for some digital manipulation for future projects.

I'm quite pleased with this photo of the paperweight from the table in the tea garden.  You may just be able to see the writing on the menu underneath it.  I'm looking forward to having a play with this in Photoshop.

Talking of playing, I've made a start on the sketchbook workshop that Carole Brungar in New Zealand is running.  You can click on the link in my sidebar if you are interested in joining in.  There is still time to join the class as it is running until September and you can soon catch up.

So far I have painted watercolour papers with a solution of Redbush tea (it was well past its best before date), torn it into pages to fit the book cover I found in a charity shop (which is now minus its own pages), printed out a selection of words onto cotton and silk printable fabric and sorted out some greeting cards that I have received over the years to make more pages.  I am a bit behind the rest of the group as I joined up a bit late but I am looking forward to working on this book.

These are some of Carole's images of her own finished book,

We will be covering several techniques including image transfer and stitching on paper and Carole has a lovely relaxed style in her teaching videos of which there are plenty on the blog that she is teaching from.  I thought if I did this workshop it would motivate me to try out some things I have been wanting to try for a while but never seem to find time for.  So far it's working and I'm having a great time.  So much so that I already have plans for a second book.  At least it's giving me something to do while this terrible heat lasts in our part of the UK.  Unfortunately it's affecting my gut which is debilitating so I am drinking loads but I am staying close to home for the time being. 


Doreen G said...

Like you Julie I joined this workshop to do things that I have wanted to do for ages but was a bit afraid to try by myself.
Carole sure makes it easy doesn't she.

Bea said...

Oh, that paperweight is gorgeous!!
I love that photo of your Mum, doesn't she look happy. :)Bea

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Julie's Mum!

ju-north said...

Best wishes to your mum! Love your pics of the stone figures and paperweight!

Anonymous said...

The paperweight photo is gorgeous...such beautiful colours and clarity.

So many people seem to be doing this sketchbook thingy that I'm not sure they'll all fit into the library at the end! It sounds a lovely project though, and I can see you're enjoying it. I hope you might share your progress so I can join in vicariously!

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Mum, it looks like she's having a ball.

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday to your Mum - she looks fantastic - I hope I look as good in 10 years time. Love the photos of the stone figures and you have made a good start on your sketchbook with all those lovely papers and other bits and pieces. I am so tempted by that workshop but have too much else on at present. Hope you are feeling better soon - the hot weather makes me feel queasy.

Anonymous said...

Your mother certainly looks well. Glad you are enjoying the journal class, it certainly is fun.

sweetypie said...

oh left the saltmines to read a blog or two,lovely lovely books will pick your brains soon- back to the mine!

Judy Scott said...

your Mum looks so happy and lovely, what a treasure. This sketchbook class sounds great I must check it out I have a packet of red bush tea bought with good intentions still at the back of my cupboard - a good way of using it in the name of art :)