Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunshine and Foundation Garments!

At last we've had some sunshine and a bit of warmth!  Yesterday I was having a wander in our back garden and thought I would share with you the glory that is our Clematis Montana this year.

This plant is a bit of a thug but I have to forgive it when it gives this lovely display in the Spring.

I shall have to have a play in Photoshop.

Isn't it nice, too, to live near a blogging friend?  Wendy and I spent a very enjoyable few hours together today visiting The Hub to see its present exhibitions.  We first viewed 'Visual Thinking' staged by the Textile Study Group in collaboration with The Hub.  I can't bring you any photographs unfortunately as I forgot to obtain permission.  This exhibition was interesting and thought provoking but the exhibition we enjoyed most was 'Undercover' which traces the evolution of underwear.

'Undercover' was a fascinating and hugely enjoyable exhibition and the Gallery allowed us to take photographs for the blog.  The exhibition is ongoing until 4 July and is well worth a visit if you are within reach of Sleaford (Lincolnshire).  

These pink confections are by Miss Katie and their accompanying notes are below.

As is this waspish-waisted green corset.

These stunning robes are a Zandra Rhodes creation; you'd never guess!

These garments on the right above were inspired by a 20 metre length of pom pom trim found in an old curtain trimmings shop and the whole thing was designed around the pom poms.  The pom poms date from 1870 and the fabrics used were taffeta and cotton Nottingham lace.

The exhibition is beautifully staged and as it is a touring exhibition you may have chance to visit it near to you or at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  We marvelled at the materials that had been used in some for these garments and at how uncomfortable some of them must have been to wear.  Equally we laughed out loud at some of the things on display that we had been obliged to wear in our youth!  It's quite sobering to see things you have worn, in a historical exhibition! 


Angela said...

Your clematis is certainly very splendid.
I had thought abought going to the Hub to see the Undercover exhibition and after seeing your pictures I'm definately going to have to make the effort. Must go and check out how much longer it's on for.

maggi said...

The clematis is gorgeous. I had to cut mine down as it was affecting a large acer quite badly but despite that, which was tow years ago, it has started up again and, although still an infant is now in flower.

Cameron said...

Hello again Julie. I don't know why, but I have never had any luck with clematis of the flowering type. They just won't grow for me, and I love them.
The exhibit looks like so much fun. I can't believe that I actually remember wearing nylons and having to fasten them with those snaps-garter belts, right. Ugh. So happy that I never had to make my waist 18 inches.

Gina said...

The exhibition looks fun... wondering if I can justify a day out!

Wendy Coyne said...

We had a lovely time, I saw one of those awful itchy 'liberty bodices' that I was forced to endure as a child, although mine definately wouldn't have come from liberties. Your pants were wonderful :)

Trudi said...

Oh, now I've got to go and see this! Though the thought of going back to big PE knickers isn't so alluring! LOL Doesn't your Montana look fab! You've given me a great idea!

Heather said...

Your montana is gorgeous - you've beaten me to it as ours is looking lovely too and I was going to post a pic. The Undercover exhibition looks very interesting - some of the exhibits are gorgeous - love the Zandra Rhodes pieces.

pam said...

I love the clematis, that is one of my favorite shrubs. Must try to see that exhibition, glad I do not have to wear them!

Emma said...

Fabulous flowers, I WAS going to show mine, only just coming out up here ;) prune back to the shape you want after flowering - I know it's difficult!

Wonderful underware creations! That show would probably be frowned upon up here!

freebird said...

Oh dear. I remember those nylons and stuff. My mom wore a girdle. She says when she was in the Marines during WWII they would pat down the women before they left base to make sure they had their girdle on! I used a garter belt and then pantyhose came out. Now I don't wear any of that. The nylons make me itch so badly. I think if my son ever gets married I'll have to wear a long dress just to avoid nylons of any type. It's amazing what womenn will do to be fashionable and also (as in my mom's case) what society will force on them.

That flower looks mighty pretty to me. My rose bush (yes, just one) was absolutely covered in blooms this year from the rain we got this winter. The desert has yellow flowery bushes blooming still and my oleanders are beginning to blossom. That's about the limit of flowers for me except for one geranium on the porch.

DIAN said...

first time to visit this blog. The clematis is gorgeous. I always love pics of other people's gardens.

The exhibition looks wonderful. Rather too far from Australia but your pics were really great.
Thanks for sharing this.

Julie said...

Hi Dian, welcome to my blog and thank you for becoming a follower and leaving me a comment :o) Australia is a long way to come but isn't it wonderful that the internet makes the world a smaller and friendlier place?