Sunday, 23 May 2010

One Bead At A Time

Good Morning!  I should be in the shower but I had to pop in here and tell you about the amazing generosity of Robin Atkins who set up the Bead Journal Project in 2007.  I discovered the BJP that same year but didn't officially join.  However, I worked alongside and it was a major factor in my picking up a needle and starting to sew and consequently starting my journey as a fibre artist.

Robin has decided to make the first book she wrote about beading available free on line and you can download it here.  This hard copy book was reprinted five times so this is a great opportunity to have your own copy and enjoy Robin's beautiful work.  If you go to Robin's blog and leave a comment you have the chance of winning one of the last four bound copies of the book but you have to comment before June 1st.

Have a lovely day!


maggi said...

Thanks for the link Julie. Lovely sheep in the last post too.

Betty Ann said...

Send this beading resource out in your newsletters for great content for your viewers. I posted the link

You have an excellent blog Julie. Thanks

imac said...

Nice header me dear.

sweetypie said...

cool! thankyou very much looks very interesting taa very.

ju-north said...

I should do more beading but don't think I have the patience! Thank you for sending a reply to my last comment - much appreciated! x

Angela said...

That books look very interesting.
Looking at your previous post it looks like you had a really nice weekend. I like the cockerel.