Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kizzie Whizz and Celebrations

Yesterday I finally met up with Little Miss Beauty who is posing above and wistfully asking if she can join us.  Little Miss Beauty's real name is Kizzie, commonly known as Kizzie Whizz ! She certainly lives up to her name and is rarely still, although she did grab about 20 winks after her master had introduced her to a greyhound and she had tried to keep up with it racing round the field while Kizzie's Mum and I talked textile art!

Doesn't she look sorry for herself penned in at one end of the kitchen?  Wouldn't you just melt, faced with that expression?  How could anyone be so cruel as to pen her in? LOL  Kizzie's proud Mum is Wendy who blogs as Emmeline's Place and we spent a very happy afternoon together yesterday having a Show and Tell at Wendy's house.  If you're into dyeing have a look at the great gadget that Wendy bought from Ikea, I'm looking forward to seeing how the fabric comes out and I think a trip to Ikea is called for.

I took a toy across for Kizzie to play with and just as I was leaving Wendy tempted her with it and she found a new trick. (The toy has some soft cheese inside, a Kizzie favourite).

I hope she doesn't think she's a Meerkat!

Four years ago today was a very special day.  It was a very cold crisp day and I nearly froze in my thin dress on our wedding day :o)  Last night my dear DH took me into my sewing room to show me the arrangement he had made, while I was out. (We had had some bad news so today was looking uncertain but happy to say things are looking better today).

Aren't I a lucky girl?  A lovely bouquet and a humongous box of chocolates!  DH has cooked dinner tonight and we will shortly be indulging in Lemon Meringue Pie (sorry, not home made!).  Perfect!


Heather said...

Kizzie looks adorable. Happy Anniversary - I didn't realise you are practically newlyweds! Beautiful flowers and chocs - glad things are looking better. Just going to take a look at Wendy's blog - thanks for the link.

Gina said...

Happy Anniversary Julie. Glad to hear you're are being spoiled! (and glad things are looking better)

Françoise said...

Happy anniversary!

Wendy Coyne said...

You didn't tell me it was your anniversary, I hope you had a lovely evening and have many more.

Jacquelines blog said...

Congratulations on your anniversary JUlie. I'll hope you had a lovely time!

DILLY said...

Happy Amversry, Julie an Mr Julie!!!!
Hope bad news got better.

Did Julie get wagon card ok?



Oh Congratulations you two ... and many more to come! Enjoy those choccies and if you need any help with them you know who to call ...

ps. the flowers are beautiful xo