Sunday, 21 February 2010

Apologies from Linda and Laura Kemshall

 Before I get on to my blog post I wanted to copy here part of an email that I received today from Linda and Laura Kemshall.  Apparently their free viewing day was a rip roaring success with one small difficulty that viewers in America and Australia may have experienced.  Here's the quote:
Thank you! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the free taster day this weekend. We hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of what DesignMatters TV has to offer.

The DMTV free watch for a day offer was very popular. We certainly had a lot of people visit the site on Saturday!........It seems though that we underestimated how enthusiastically some of our regular viewers are about what we offer here at DMTV - you told so many of your friends to watch that in the middle of our night there was a brief downtime as the poor site was over subscribed! Most of us Brits were fast asleep but we send our apologies to anyone in North America and Australia if you experienced a temporary problem.

Oops! I can't get rid of this blue background so I'll start my proper post again.


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Emma said...

Thanks for the L & L K video tip - I'm definately going to ask for a sub for the next few birthday & Christmas presents! They come across v relaxed & of course wonderfully informative.

Thanks for your visit to mine! You guys :)