Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy New Year


Belatedly Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope you’re all keeping warm (or cool if you’re in the warmer areas of the world).  We have had some snow, enough to look pretty, but fortunately up to now we have not had the deluges that many have had.  However, I am not holding my breath as heavy snow is forecast for the weekend.  Up to now we have been living off the excesses of Christmas shopping but I will soon have to venture out to Sainsbury’s for a re-stock. 

Did you all have a good Christmas and New Year?  We spent time with my Mum here and then with her at my brother’s for New Year.  The photo above was taken off the telly hence it’s a bit blurry but I like the shapes of the London Eye pods, maybe there’s a quiltie in there somewhere?

I’ve finally got round to sorting my sewing space out a bit today and my sewing machine and embellisher are at least now in a position to be used.  My embellisher has been sadly neglected so I intend to put it to some use this year.  The Journal Quilt size for the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilter’s Guild has been announced this week and it’s 7” x 10” in a portrait format so I am thinking of working some of them with the embellisher.  I worked all of my quilts last year in portrait format out of choice so it will stretch me further now that I am obliged to work the same way this year. 

Lots of people have been talking about their ‘word’ for 2010 and the one thing that popped into my head was “Positive Mental Attitude” which I think will resonate through all areas of my life if I can only keep it up.  I am not very good at making and keeping resolutions but I did find it useful to remind myself of my ‘focus’ word last year.

Well, enough rambling.  My mojo is still on holiday and has left me with a grotty cough for company.  I have finally given in and booked to see the doctor tomorrow as I think it may have progressed to the realms of an infection.  We shall see.  I leave you with a glimpse of my DH exhausted by the New Year indulgences and telly watching! lol


Bless! (He said he knew my mum was taking this pic and was trying not to laugh!)


imac said...

He knew, I can vouch for that.lol.

Never fear tho, i will have my revenge.hehe.

Françoise said...

Happy New Year to you Julie!
We are expecting snow here too. We still have some actually, and it's been pretty cold. I feel like hibernating.

Genie said...

Happy New Year Julie
Snow here today pretty at the moment

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon Julie... I have a DH who does that on a regular basis too!

Jackie said...

Happy New Year. I hope you get rid of your caough soon. There's nothing worse than trying to be creative with a chest infection.

sandra wyman said...

Happy new year Julie! We have snow and how - have just cleaned six inches of snow off my car, have come back in for a break before digging out a way of getting it onto the main road - and now it has started snowing again and it's halfway up to my knees already. Django's drying off by the fire - he went out in it and discovered it came up to his shoulders and came back in in horror. Yes I know it's pretty but...
Hope you feel better soon.
DH has the right idea!

Heather said...

Aaah! Don't they look lovely when they're asleep!! Happy New Year to you both and hope you don't have an infection. I had a cold at the end of Oct. which left me with a tickly cough I couldn't get rid of. Then just after Boxing Day I caught another cold and the cough got much worse. I'm just getting rid of it now. It's been such a waste of energy! I'm enjoying reading everyone's plans for being more creative and have just treated myself to some packs of Mulberry Silks - they haven't arrived yet but I'll put them on my blog when I get them. Hopefully they will spur me on to greater things. Look after yourself.