Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Mixed Bag

I’m still coughing and sniffling and battling this wretched cold!  The most frustrating part is the rotten cough that starts up when I start talking.  Imagine!  The peace that my DH is enjoying because any extended conversation starts me off ;-)  I’ve had to cancel several visits to friends because I can’t stop coughing long enough to chat and the phone has been unusually quiet too.  Anybody want a cold? Going cheap?

Anyway, enough of moaning!  I have had two lovely treats through the post to cheer me up this week.

gift from Jacqueline

Recently Jacqueline was celebrating because she had passed 777 blogposts and then passed two exams so she had a giveaway and I was a lucky recipient.  This beautiful page above is layered and burnt through to echo the stitch marks and I love its golden colour. I am hoping to incorporate it into my flower book that I have yet to finish.  If you follow the link to Jacqueline’s blog take some time to have a look round.  She is a prolific artist and enjoys experimenting and exploring different surface textures.



My second gift in the post was from Lisa who blogs as Ivory Blush Roses.  This beautiful pincushion, which is far too delicate to use for pins, was a giveaway too and it is exquisite. 



If you follow the link to Lisa’s blog stay a while and have a look around.  Lisa does the most beautiful crazy patchwork which is delicate and very pretty and she has the most beautiful touch in the way she arranges her favourite things in her home.  She creates a very calm atmosphere both in her home and her blog. 

I’ve been making one or two more cuffs but they are quite different from the ones I made on holiday.


For all three cuffs I first wove silk ribbon which I then bondawebbed and machine stitched roughly onto black felt.  I think I should actually have just machined it onto a stabiliser as the felt combined with the ribbon made it quite thick to stitch.  For the cuff above I couched down sari wool (which was already wound into a yarn and which I bought in St Ives) and then added beads and finished with a felt lining and blanket stitch edging.


The cuff above has a fancy embellished ribbon stitched on with buttons and beads added.


I think this one is a bit ‘punk’ with heavier beads and shell beads added.  I also made another of the turquoise sea themed cuffs but I have sent it winging its way to a friend in Cornwall who wanted it for her Mum and I forgot to photograph it! Duh!

These cuffs will end up as little gifts for friends but I may just have one of those things………what are they called?  Oh yes! A Giveaway, but not till after Christmas.  Watch this space!

In between coughing fits I have been working on my project and have got on quite well, although the air has been very blue at times.  I told you I had said I was never going to do this ‘thing’ again didn’t I?  I’ve been doing an hour or two most days to spread the job out and it’s involved plenty of practice with free motion quilting.  I’m on another learning curve and thank god for quilting gloves, they are a great help.

Well, I hope you’re managing to stay cold free but if not keep warm and drink plenty, like me.  I should be going to the local Embroiderers’ Guild meeting on Saturday but I will wait and see how this cough goes.


JP said...

sorry to hear about the cough - I bet it stops you sleeping as well!! - the cuffs are absoloutly gorgous - you need to photograph one on

Heather said...

I think we have had the same type of cold as I'm still coughing too, but it is definitely getting better, thank goodness. I always resent the energy that is wasted on coughing - it leaves you exhausted. Love both your giveaways - the pin cushion is exquisite. Your cuffs are lovely too - you must have great fun deciding how to decorate them. Take care and get well soon. At least you should be well by Christmas.

Julie said...

JP you're right, I haven't had a full night's sleep in over a week.

Heather, I sympathise with you, it really is a grotty bug. As you say though, I should be over it for Christmas. :)

Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon Julie. I recommend staying in and staying warm and getting lots of papmpering! (I hope that DH is listening!)

Angela said...

Your cuffs are lovely and that pin cushion is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon.


Hurry up and get well soon. Thinking of you! Sorry, I haven't visited much ... I still love ya!

Will email at the weekend

Carolyn xx

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

These are waaaaaaaaay cool! And thank you for listing our Digital to Textile blog on your list!

Jackie said...

I sometimes wonder if the things we use give us these coughs. I have been using a lot of bondaweb lately and started coughing..we never think about the fumes do we?Hope it goes soon.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

How are you feeling now? Hopefully no cough at least. I love your cuffs and your give aways are fantastic. the pin cushion looks so delicate.

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
So sorry your cold is hanging on, it's so miserable when you want to get on and feel wretched. Hope you feel better soon.
Lovely presies and cuffs

Helena said...

Gorgeoud gifts!

I am home for a few days -TOUCH WOOD!- and so I hope to get a parcel off to you soon! Watch out for it! Dilly bought you something!!! She even got her own wrapping paper. Aww...

I do hope what you have isn't swine flu, as that leaves a persistent cough for a while, I'm told...

Night and Day nurse now do cold capsules that include something to help a cough- I used them for my last cold and they really helped, and seemed to cut it short. Look out for them! They are about £3-£4 for 16 caps. Worth it!!! The night time one helps you sleep too.Tesco sell them, also Superdrug.

Val said...

Just been doin' a bit of catchup Julie - your Blog looks lovely. The bracelets are gorgeous and look so 'complicated'. Hope your cough is on its way out - you don't want it hanging around till next week!

DILLY said...

Today Daddy post Julie pressie.
Dilly think be postid days ago!
Today Daddy post.
Com home (in snow!)
Dilly find....
FInd UTHER bit,
ment be in Julie parsol!

Mummy mayke UTHER parsol for Julie.
Morro, Dilly go post UTHER bit.

HOPE HOPE HOPE ferst bit get Julie,
as Daddy ferget get proof posting!!!
OW NO!!!!!

Dilly not abol get staff.


DILLY said...

Hewo Julie!!! Com play Dilly quiz!!!

silverpebble said...

Lovely cuffs, rubbish coughs, gorgeous pressies! So sorry you've been feeling poorly Julie - I do hope you shift it before the big day xxx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Do yu still hav a bad cold? I nipt over heer to deliver sum nose hugs but now I'm not so shor!


Hope yu ar ok!

morningDove said...

hope the cough is gone soon. love all your cuffs. they are very beautiful. and congrats on your wins of giveaways.