Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Work in Progress

There is something addictive about these curves! Having said yesterday that I really liked the top-stitched curves I found a slight variation on stitching curves with stitch and flip and have really enjoyed doing just that today. It was in the book Stitching To Dye in Quilt Art by C June Barnes which I have on my bookshelf. I have to confess I've had this book for a while and haven't yet got round to reading it properly. You know what it's like, you buy the book, have a quick scan and drool over the pictures and then put it to one side for a moment when you have more time to really study it. Nine times out of ten that precious moment is a long time coming!

However, I digress! So far I have constructed the basis of a seascape above using stitch and flip and effectively quilting as I went as the fabrics above are stitched to wadding and a base cotton. I have used an assortment of commercial fabrics and batiks, hand dyed and painted fabrics. The curves went together easier than yesterday and my only/main niggle is that some of the areas look as if they are going uphill as I didn't angle the curves quite right.

Questions that occur to me are:

* Should I now add free machine quilting? Yes probably.

* What quilting pattern should I use? I think I will use a series of lines that suggest the movement of the water with a variegated thread. I would probably have to change this for the foreground which is supposed to suggest the beach.

* What about incorporating some layers on top eg lace, scrim, sheers, net?

* What about adding embellishments, beads, beach finds? Too early to decide at this stage I think.

* How do I include narrower strips next time? I have an idea but I will obviously have to keep working on that one.

I think I will have a go at the same design using predominantly the topstitched technique to see what that looks like. I have enjoyed myself so much yesterday and today that I am worried that I am catching the patchwork/quilting bug! These things creep up on you when you least expect it! Not so long ago I called myself a painter then I morphed into a mixed media artist only to find I was becoming a textile artist and now it appears quilting is slowly taking me over! I'm only taking little steps but they are taking me in a very unexpected direction ;o)

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Gina said...

Some lovely curves Julie!

sandra wyman said...

Love it - off to look at June Barnes's book now!

Heather said...

More lovely curves Julie and lots of ideas to work with.

sweetypie said...

aha quilting sneaks up on you when your not looking tina

pam said...

Those curves are lovely - you will be doing a curved quilrt next!

Angela said...

I love these little quilts and you are obviously enjoying making them. I think you should practice you F M E skills and use lots of embellishments. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Joei Rhode Island said...

LOL....mixed quilts. Well, as long as it's fabric. Looks like fun.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I think it's grayte!
I'd add stuff from the beech, but not shells cos they mite brake an enyway that mite be a bit corny. Unless yu meen thozr tiny shells that yu get stuk on roks. Theyer nice, they ar, theyer like littol hats for a very very small pope.

Fenland Textile Studio said...


I love the colours. Now hold up your left hand and say "I am a quilter"