Sunday, 15 November 2009

Journal Quilt - November

Where did the last week go? I have been busy but I can't show you everything that I've been doing yet (not that all of it's wonderfully exciting!). I have finished my Journal Quilt for November. In the finish I decided to edge the quilt with satin stitch rather than apply a binding. I did, however, apply a backing and stitch through from the quilt top to secure it. My inspirational (!) title for this JQ is Across St Ives Bay II. My friend Sandra has suggested that I make this again as a miniature quilt for next years Festival of Quilts. Hmmm! Maybe. I think I would be very tempted to add beads if I do this again. It was very hard for me not to add some beads to this JQ. ;o)

Earlier this week I received the last two pages in the flower book page swap that I have been engaged in at MixedMediaATCs_UK Yahoo group.


This page is for the inside of the front cover and was made by Wendy Kirk. I very conceitedly thought the writing said 'Julies' and wondered how she could have known that I would get that page! However, when I looked again I saw it said 'Tulips'! Duh! :O)


This page is for the front cover and was made by Jean who organised the book pages swap. It bears a passing similarity to the front page I made and I am delighted with it. Now I just have to make two pages of my own and bring the whole thing together into a proper book. That is going to be the hard part and may take a little time.


I'm still not sure where this week went but part of it went in a very enjoyable day out in Bradford with the lovely Sandra Wyman . We had said that we would have a day out round the textile outlets in Bradford when we met up last year at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show and it has taken me all this time to arrange it. The absolutely gorgeous velvets and threads above were Sandra's very generous gift to me. She felt that the colours would work well in one of my seascapes and all the fabrics are her own hand dyes. I am such a lucky girl! Thank you Sandra, I will have a wonderful time using these fabrics and threads.


So what did we do in Bradford? We started off with coffee at the National Media Museum which does what it says on the tin and focuses on all methods of communication from photography through radio and film to the internet. The Museum was extremely hectic vibrant with hoards groups of students visiting so it was nice to get into one of the exhibition spaces and find a little peace and quiet, not that we don't enjoy the company of excited young people! (You can tell I don't have any young people at home, can't you?) We had a look round the history of photography section and then had a look at an exhibition by the animator Joanna Quinn. I didn't think I had heard of Joanna but I very soon recognised her work and it was wonderful to be able to see the progression of her work and her sketchbooks. Aren't other artists' sketchbooks fascinating? Also, did you know (Bob T Bear, you might wish to look away for a minute!) Joanna Quinn is the artist who drew the bears for the Charmin adverts? Her drawings showed her progression of drawings of real bears with quite angular features to the rounded figures of the Charmin toilet paper bears. Sorry Bob, I didn't mean to remind you about the awful things people do with the bears on Charmin toilet paper! If you click on the link to Joanna you will be able to view the excellent resource that the Media Museum have put on their site including Joanna's sketchbooks and video clips of her animations.


What did you say? Textile shops? Oh yes, I nearly forgot! We did eventually tear ourselves away from the museum and went to Bombay Stores which is a mind boggling source of everything shiny and glittery! We spent a lovely hour caressing all the beautiful fabrics and ogling at all the threads, beads, trims, silks and satins but believe it or not, our purses stayed in our bags! I for one was overcome by so much choice. I will just have to go back another time! lol


So what happened in the rest of the week? I've lost a few days with recovering from my day out and a tum that decided to have a bit of a shout but I have been working on some hand sewing. Unfortunately I can't show you yet as it's got to go to Carole Brungar in New Zealand for her blogger friends quilt so until she has received it, it will have to stay a secret. Ooh, that reminds me, I haven't photographed it yet! Don't forget!

This week I am planning to work on my next Journal Quilt and work on the topstitched curves thing so if you hear some bad language coming from this neck of the woods you'll know who it is! Have a good week everyone and if you're going to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate have fun! I''m going on Saturday, can't wait!


magsramsay said...

Absolutely lovely colours and textures and working on sea themes myself I know how difficult that is to achieve!

Julie said...

Thank you so much Mags :o) I am obsessed with the sea so I am sure it will figure more and more in my work.

sandra wyman said...

Hi Julie - was beginning to worry that you hadn't recovered.

I had a stomach bug too - wonder where from? The quilt looks really gorgeous finished off. Can't wait to see what you do with the bits!

Hopefully see you in Harrogate!

Dot said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Julie! You do seaside colors so well.
Sorry to hear your tummy has been playing up. Wish I could go textile shopping with you - oh, what fun we would have :).

Nellie's Needles said...

That sea piece is amazing. I can almost feel the power of those crashing waves. What fun you'll have working with those gorgeous bits gifted by your friend.

Guzzisue said...

love the quilt and it sounds like you had a good time in Bradford. WE sometimes stay with friends who live near to Bombay stores, great shop:-)

Gina said...

Your journal quilt is beautiful Julie.


Fab, fab, fab post. I enjoyed it all so much but a lot to take in so I will have to re-read again. Your JQ is GORGEOUS! I think it would be good to make another one with beads. Yes, I made the same mistake and thought it said "Julies" too, until I looked again and saw tulips. Definitely made for you, though! Your day out with Sandra sounds gorgeous! And that shop, wow, it sounds wonderful

I'll be back later to enjoy all this again! Have a lovely day and a great week!

Carolyn xxxx

Heather said...

Your Journal Quilt is wonderful Julie - you must be so pleased with it. The Flower Book pages are delightful too, and so different. I love the threads and fabrics your friend sent you - everyone should have a friend like that! The museum visit sounds very interesting and the fabric shop in Bradford must be an Aladdin's cave for textile artists. How did you manage to be so restrained?! Hope you are feeling better now.

Wendy Coyne said...

Your journal quilt is fab, you have the texture and the atmosphere exactly right, I could paddle in that sea :)
Hope you are feeling better in good time for your next trip North

Angela said...

I love your quilt Julie.

JP said...

I love the quilt - just so lovely with all this wet and windy weather we are having -

Jacquelines blog said...

It''s a lovely piece Julie!!!

Julie said...

Heather and JP, thank you both for looking in:O) I did enjoy making the Journal Quilt, I can never get enough of the sea! Think I must have been a mermaid in a former life!

Feronia said...

Some beautiful work here as always, Julie. I just love that quilt.

pam said...

Your picture is fabulous and the days out sound wonderful

ju-north said...

Love your quilt!

sharon young said...

what a fabulous day out and what a great pressy from Sandra, luck you.