Monday, 21 September 2009

Blackberry Way Revealed

Have you been humming "Goodbye Blackberry Way" since my last post? I keep hearing The Move song in my head.


Well, my blackberry dyed fabric is all dried and ironed and I have a very mixed bag of results.


At first I didn't think this piece above had taken any colour at all but it is in fact a very delicately coloured, almost luminous shade now. I tied it with thread which was probably a bit on the thin side and I can't really understand the difference in colour between the exposed areas and the tied as the tied areas have a blue haze compared with the exposed fabric.



The fabrics above show the variation in colour that came from the blackberries. Not much purple or pink in sight. The two bluey grey fabrics are cottons and the fabric at the centre bottom is silk dupion that started out as cream but is now a greeny beige. Surprisingly the calico and muslin have both gone this vaguely green tinged colour. I can see these being used in some landscapey piece some time in the future although I may use the tie-dyed piece as a background and play with some printing on it.


I have some frozen fruits of the forest in the freezer that my DH doesn't like so I think I'll have a go with them and not use soda this time. Maybe I'll even manage to get some purply colours!
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Heather said...

These soft antiqued shades are lovely even if they aren't what you hoped for Julie. They would be great for a project which called for the distressed, aged look. Good Luck with your fruits of the forest.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather, they do remind me of a description in an old Barbara Cartland story that I read in my teens. I shall bear in mind what you've said about the distressed look. It will be a little while before I get round to the fruits.

Angela said...

The fabrics are lovely Julie. Very vintage and victorian. Any idea what you are going to do with them? I'm looking forward to seeing your experiment with fruits of the forest.

Gina said...

The colours are very soft and delicate even if unexpected. A bit like my woad dyeing (which has now faded to almost nothing!)


Yes, I have - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! At least it makes a change from "All Around My Hat" which bugged me for over a week!!!

Your dyed results, although not what you were hoping for, are delightful! I love the delicate "vintage" shades and I'm sure you will find the perfect use for them when the time is right!

Textile Art Showcase said...

I think the colours are lovely Julie - very subtle. I am not sure just how they should have turned out but I would be very pleased with them if they were mine. I think that is part of the delight of dyeing your fabric - the 'happy accidents' that occur - make then so different.

Feronia said...

Looks beautiful, Julie. Such delicate colours!

Julie said...

Thank you Feronia :o)