Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bits and Pieces

Has it been a week already since I last posted here? Where did that go? I've been pottering about in blogland and pottering about at home, trying to sort my workroom out to make room for printing experiments and there's been a little sewing going on.


Over at MixedMediaATC_UK Yahoo group I have been hosting a Dotee doll trade and my own doll is now on its way to its new home. I cheated just a little bit as the fabric, face and beads came from a kit from my friend Dot in Australia who is the originator of these addictive little dolls. However, the design of the doll is mine and I have added some extra beads.


This little lady is known as a Ruby doll, which I have made previously and is now on her way to my stepmum in Devon as she is recuperating. The head and arms and legs are made with my own hand dyed fabric.


Finally for this part of the post I have been doing a little dyeing with blueberries which I saw on Carolyn's blog a couple of weeks ago. While Carolyns' fabric went a lovely purple mine have gone bluey colour. The fabrics I dyed were scrim, calico, net, a silky curtain fabric (the red stripe is already on the fabric), bamboo cloth and yarns. There is a hint of purple in the calico but the bias is towards the blue.
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silverpebble said...

Julie your little Dotees are very sweet as ever - they look rather peaceful and pensive.

Oh though, those blueberry-dyed fabrics! I adore that colour - how absolutely beautiful.

maggi said...

I love the subtle shades that you got from the blueberries.

Dot said...

Love what you did with the Dotee doll kit Julie. And your Ruby doll is gorgeous! Love what you do with dyed fabrics. And the blueberry dyed fabric is stunning!
Dot x

Heather said...

Your dyed fabrics are lovely and the dolls are sweet. Ruby looks very feminine and demure.

Gina said...

I am in awe of your blueberry dyed fabrics (my woad has continued to fade) Love the little dolls... but hope your hands feel better soon.


Julie, now I'm jealous! Although I loved the plummy purple I got from the blueberries, I was actually hoping that mine went more like yours! Are we never satisfied? I'm trying blackberry dyeing this week as I have a surplus of them. Will post the results soon. I will probably have another go with blueberries - I want a blue!!

Carolyn ♥

Angela said...

Your dolls are lovely. I followed your link to Carolyn's blog. Very interesting. I may have to go blackberry picking at the weekend and have a go at some dyeing.

Jackie said...

Dots dolls always look great and with yours too its made me want to have a go. There's never enough time.There doesn't seem to have been a 'playing' gap this year.Oh well there's always next january!

sharon young said...

Love the new Dotty dolls, especially Ruby, she's gorgeous.

I like the colours you've achieved with the blueberries, very subtle, I was wondering how mulberries and blackberries would work, we have a glut of both.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post

Gail P said...

What fun dolls! You may not have gotten the color you were after, but the result is gorgeous.

MargaretR said...

What can I say that hasn't been said already Julie? Lovely dolls and I'm sure Ruby will be a comfort to the recipient. Now I wonder if I could do some natural dyeing now I have water in my workroom??

Tom said...

Hi Julie
Nice to hear you on the other end of the phone tonight.. It's always fun talking to Stewart and yourself...
I am knitting at the moment... soft toy mostly , they will be put away until near to Christmas when I will stuff them and make up as presents for the grandchildren.. I have made our CaraJade a ragdoll which she sleeps with... I have down-loaded the instructions for one of these now... when it's done I will let you know.


Beth Parker said...

I like your Ruby doll. This is the first time I've heard of them. I'll have to follow the link to learn more.