Saturday, 20 June 2009

Journal Quilt - May

While I've been feeling out of sorts with the antibiotic treatment I've been on I haven't achieved a lot but I have finally finished my Contemporary Quilt group Journal Quilt for the month of May. I started the quilt before we went on our holiday to Wales and felt I wanted it to have a coastal theme.

I had previously been playing about with layering plain fabrics and adding texture pastes before painting. Needless to say my preferred blues and turqoises came to the fore! After I had made the sample pice I thought I would cut out a section and use it as the centre panel in my quilt. The overall size is 12" X 6".

While we were away I added various yarns, some hand stitching, beads and pieces of found objects, some of which I picked up on the beach at Conwy. I think I may have overdone the french knots at the bottom but I don't intend to unpick any. The piece has been finished off with blanket stitch around the edge. Next stop June and July is looming large!

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sandra wyman said...

Despite the antibiotics you made it ahead of me: have May and June's all designed but still to be made along withsundry other things including FOQ entry. This quiltlet is beautiful!

Gina said...

It looks good Julie - especially as you've not been feeling 100%

CAROLYN said...

This is stunning and inspiring work Julie. I love the colours and texures you've used and I especially love the added shells, bits and hand stitches in those lovely variegated yarns

Becky Vigor said...

I love this, and what I love about it is the way the central panel is framed by the outer part, yet it's not framed at all because the whole thing is the picture, so it'e frame and not frame all at once!