Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilt

I was about to say that I can't remember where I got the idea from for my March Journal Quilt but I've just remembered that it was from the bathroom at our holiday cabin in Yorkshire last month! The loo rolls were stored in a metal canister with square holes cut out of it and that made me start thinking about reverse applique. I knew I had some velvet at home and have been wanting to do something with it for a while so I decided to work with velvet, sheers and nets.
My first step was to play with the 12"x6" format in my workbook. I had already chosen my favourite turquoise and blues colour scheme so it wasn't much of a step to decide on a sea scheme!
I started out looking at the simple cut out squares idea but that didn't inspire me a great deal so I then played about with the movement of waves and how I would arrange the areas to be cut through. You will see by my notes that I took some inspiration from Nellie's Needles but in the end I didn't actually use her freezer paper method for applying the design, preferring to work freestyle this time. Nellie's site is wonderful, full of colour and inspiration, go and have a look but, be warned, you could be there a while! Nellie is so generous with her knowledge and expertise. Thank you Nellie!
A few years ago I did some work with exploring the movement of the sea and this sketch below finally helped me to sort out how I wanted the sewn lines to go.
I decided on the arrangement of my layers and pinned and tacked everything together (no photo, sorry) ready for stitching. Earlier this week I made a practice sample and tried out the stitching and cutting through and then yesterday I grasped the nettle and started on the main piece. The cutting through was very hard on the hands, I have to say.
This is not finished and the colour is way off, it should look much more green but I can't get the computer to give me the colours I need. Grrr! The next step, hopefully today, is to add some wave shaped stitching to secure some of the frayed edges. I won't be too fussy as I don't want it to look too tidy. Then, maybe, a few beads here and there to catch the light.
All of this planned activity today depends on me having the energy to do it. I'm still in my PJs feeling sorry for myself as my lovely DH, who I have been married to 3 years today (Yay!!!) has generously shared his cold with me and I'm sneezing and sniffing for Britain! We're having a special dinner tonight to celebrate (his favourite, lamb shanks!) It will be all my own work - well I shall open the carton and pop it beautifully in the oven. Delia Smith I am not! A bottle of wine and probably a hot toddy to finish off - job done! Just hope I don't cough all night ;o)
If I get my quilt finished I'll pop back later and show you. I have to keep in front on this project as April is going to be busy with a visit from my mummy!
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PS Blogger is being a bit weird today, every time I try and correct any spelling errors it keeps eating my letters! OO-ER!


Guzzisue said...

get well soon :-) have a wonderful meal.

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

A most wonderful post Julie, sketchbooks and work in progress......... It has me in heaven and I love the colours too.

Congratulations on the anniversery and get better soon.

Hugs from Guernsey.

Genie said...

Happy Anniversary Julie.
Get better soon, look forward to seeing finished work

Nellie's Needles said...

What an honor to have my work mentioned so kindly. Thank you.

Your blog is now added to my Google Reader so I can keep up with your creative doings.

Annette J said...

Happy anniversary to you both you are still in the honeymoon stage!!

I love your CQJP it's going to be stunning.

katelnorth said...

I had to laugh at this - only a fibre artist would look at a toilet roll holder and start thinking of reverse applique... I like it though!

sandra wyman said...

Happy anniversary Julie - tho DH might have planned his cold for a less important occasion.

Have you thought about granite stitch over the edges (tiny overlapping circles) - it holds the fraying edges down very nicely I find!

A beautiful JQ! Have just finally finished the quilting on my Feb one - March still at sketchbook stage.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary, enjoy your meal and I hope you will soon be feeling much better. Your quilt is already looking lovely - the colours are my favourites too.

Gina said...

Your quilt looks beautiful already. Happy anniversary and I hope you enjoyed your meal and feel lots better soon!

Jackie said...

I think a vindaloo would be more in order for you!
Hope your anniversary is romantic. Only your 3rd! Still in the first flush....!
Get well soon.
I love this piece. Its so luminous.

artisbliss said...

Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL, Julie! Looks like underwater stained glass.

I hope you feel better soon.

Gail P said...

Love the colors on this piece, me thinks that you're hard on yourself too! Happy Anniversary and do take care of yourself! The wine and toddy should help get rid of the germs; wishful thinking on my part!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Your stitching looks lovely and your sea painting is great. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Julie, I love your sketchbook pages. I like to see how ideas flow ... the colours you have chosen are lovely, now where have I seen them before? Look forward to seeing your quilt when it's ready

Hope the lamb was delicious lol!!
Have a good weekend, Carolyn

Julie said...

Thank you Carolyn :o) We had a lovely evening but I think we should have gone to the "Slipway" for the lamb!

sharon young said...

Happy anniversary, those husband's just have to share everything !!
Love the new piece, the colours and patterns are stunning, can't wait to see where you take it next.

DILLY said...

Sketch ov sea be booootifow an sewin sea be very clever. Julie be luvly tallintid laydy.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Luvly to hav a kwilt cos they ar soft an snuggly :@}


I seem to have lagged behind on your postings a bit, and hope that by now you've stopped sneezing. Hope you had a wonderful anniversay. I'm really loving the look of this piece too - fabulous colours - so don't take too long to finish it please!!

maggi said...

Sorry to hear that you are suffering. Love the way the JQ is progressing. What an original inspiration.

Helen Suzanne said...

Julie, I love the new piece. Especially for my though the glimpse in your sketch book has a special magic. I love the painted piece of your water movement. Don't ever, ever say you're not an artist!

MargaretR said...

I love the sketchbook and the resulting quilt Julie. Like Helen I love that painting of the waves, it's very artistic.