Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow dyeing - Day 2

The results from yesterday's snow dyeing are less dramatic than Tuesday's but I am really happy with the colour combinations. The fabric above is a sort of linen with appliques which I think is probably designed for curtaining. The colours have come out beautifully, especially on the machined embroidery which shines.
Above is the damask tablecloth again and below is another linen type fabric with decorative cord. I love the marks in the piece above which gives the feeling of the colour moving through the fabric.
This piece below is one of the 2 pieces I tray dyed with the excess dye. Lovely!
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There are a couple of other pieces but I won't bore you with them all. I think the results today are more subtle because the snow I used to dye them had been frozen overnight and so was more compacted than the snow on Tuesday. This would mean that the snow crystals would not be so defined and I think this has influenced the patterns produced.
We woke up to yet more snow today so, yes, you've guessed it, I've been dyeing again. So there will be one last reveal tomorrow. The snow wasn't perfect today either so I'll be interested to see the results later this evening. I think this will be the last batch as it's wearing me out. You wouldn't think having fun would be so tiring would you?
I'm sure the rest of the world must be laughing at all the fuss we are making over this bit of snow. Our little street was in absolute chaos this morning with cars slipping and sliding all over the place. Car wheels were facing one way and the cars were gliding off in the opposite direction! At peak travel time the road was full of cars, some trying to turn round and go back home, some being towed back home by a kindly 4 x 4 owner (with his vehicle not just himself!), some being pushed back uphill, and some waiting patiently for the chaos to clear so they could have a go! Needless to say, I have stayed close to home and only ventured as far as the back garden and my shed. My DH managed to get his car off the drive and down the road before the surface got too slippery. If you're having to be out in these poor conditions, keep safe!


DILLY said...


Dilly snow be mostly gon now.
Rain lots today,
wash away.
Rain now be comin throo roof.
Be comin down wall an drip drip drip on chair.
Mummy been puttin bukkets,
catch drip drip drips.

Dilly an Chuck be tryin blow hot wagon air, help dry out damp.


Dot said...

Oh my goodness - Snow Dyeing! I have been drooling looking at all the colors in your last few posts.

Who would have thunk of snow dyeing? I love your results and it also looks like fun (but definitely something you would do with gloves on!).

Hope you stay safe and warm out of that cold (and send some of it my way - we are in for another scorcher tomorrow).

I love visiting your blog and seeing what you have been up to.
Dot xx

P.S I love Dilly's comments :)

Heather said...

At last - I've tried about three times to leave a comment on your blog. I had never heard of snow dyeing, but the results are amazing and I love the effects you have got. You must be so pleased with your fabrics. What a great way to transform all those bits and pieces of old cotton and linen that seem to accumulate. You certainly haven't just hibernated during our wintry spell.


Sadly, I have been hoping for more snow just so I can try your technique - but have to report not a single snowflake here in St. Ives at present ...

Have a good weekend!

Ati. Norway. said...

Julie I am very surprised how it worked out, beautiful fabric you have got! Never heard before of snow deying :)

sharon young said...

Wow!!! What amazing results you've achieved with the snow dyeing, the colours and patterns are wonderful.
My favourite is the first pic in Snow dyeing 2, I just love that mix of colours.
I've got some of those linen tablecloths with the embossed patterns they're fabulous for taking the dye.

silverpebble said...

Lovely colours Julie - we both share a passion for turquoises and aqua shades don't we? Such an interesting technique - gorgeous!

MargaretR said...

These are beautiful Julie, I would like to have a go using your technique, but we have hardly any snow here in North Wales.