Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Help for Australia

Probably like everyone else over here I have been feeling appalled and helpless in the face of the images coming out of Australia. There are no words to express the sorrow and shock at the loss of life and homes and I can only send my best thoughts to everyone in Victoria and hope that they will stay safe and this nightmare will soon end.
In the face of feeling so helpless I have started making a couple of comfort dolls but I have also found a site in Australia that is offering other ways to support the relief effort. This link will take you to a site co-ordinating fundraising among the internet community. You can also go to the Australian Red Cross site for other ways of helping. You may have to wait a short while for the site to load as there is a high traffic level as you might expect. You can also make Rainbow comfort packs for the children, details here. I think even I could manage to make some of these bags and they would be light to send.


Helena said...

Thanks for the links :)

Moogsmum said...

Thanks for the links Julie. The Rainbow bags look like a fab idea!


Susan D said...

Thanks for the links. I'll spend this afternoon making some bags to put in the post asap. You feel so helpless when things like this happen don't you.