Monday, 12 January 2009


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The photograph above was taken at the Motorway Chapel at Baden Baden last year and is there because I don't like to post without a pic.


I just had to tell you how excited I am! I've been wanting to get involved in a sewing/quilting group for some time but have not been able to find one that either operated during the day time or that was close to home. Westgate Crafts , where I take classes, have set up a Quilters Academy which has been meeting at the shop in the evenings but, from today, they are meeting on the edge of town in a village hall. Now, don't ask me why, probably because I am just plain awkward, it seemed more do-able for me to go to the village hall on the edge of town than to venture into town at night. I tend not to do much in the evenings as I am usually too tired by then to go out but I am pleased I made the effort tonight.
The group meets once a month and we have a great programme for the coming year. The ladies are lovely and I already know one or two of them from the shop. It looks as though there will be a theme or lesson each meeting so it should be an interesting year. Tonight we learned how to make half-square-triangles for patchwork. I didn't get very far as I was hand sewing but at least I now understand the principle. I took some book pages with me that I am making and the ladies were very interested in the techniques I have been using so it seems that we can all learn from each other. I will have to wait until tomorrow to take some photos so I'll show you later.
One of the ladies at the group told me about a quilt exhibition held last year at a village called Aslackby (pronounced Aze-ul-be), not far from here. If you check out this link you will see quilt number 40 which she particularly wanted me to see. I think it's a fantastic quilt; the background is intriguing as I am not sure whether it is made of felt and I don't know what the swirls of colour are. I shall see if I can find any more out next time I go to the meeting. The quilt exhibition is amazing, so many beautiful and varied quilts. I shall definitely be looking out for this year's festival.


Guzzisue said...

I seem to remember seeing a sign for this chapel, will have to explre further next time we are down that way. Quilting group sounds like fun-keep us posted :-)


How lovely to be able to find a group to share your skills with and have some fun. I'm very envious, as I miss being in a group, and used to enjoy the textile related chat. Finding people that can put up with my demented pace is hard though!!

Thanks also for the link. I'd never heard of this exhibition before so it was lovely to see.

Gina said...

Enjoy your new group Julie!

Moogsmum said...

Ooh how lovely! You're going to love this group Julie. Can't wait to see what you make with them!


sharon young said...

Brilliant!! So pleased you've found a group to meet with in the daytime, I'd like to find one too but there doesn't seem to be much going on in my area, everyone's too busy working.
The exhibition looks lovely, will you be entering next year?

Dot said...

This is fantastic Julie! So pleased you found this group.