Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Woohoo! Cooking with gas!

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Well, not so much cooking as heating! The cavalry, in the shape of a lovely young man, a very t a l l, lovely young man, called Jason, arrived at 16.45 this afternoon and solved our heating problem. He did take some floor boards up but in the end was able to clear the pipe without cutting into it. Phew! The poor man has just left (18.30) and has a 30 plus mile journey to his home on very icy roads. I hope he gets home safely. It's true what they say, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. We have managed with a couple of heaters but it has been getting progressively colder and it's wonderful now to feel warm and hear the pump humming away. Bliss!
I now have a house to put back together and have to put everything back in the airing cupboard before I can set my sewing room up again, as I dumped everything in there. I had great plans for this week and they've already evaporated so I may take a little longer to get back to creating while I catch up.
I hope everyone experiencing horrible cold winter weather is keeping warm and safe.


Genie said...

Glad your back in the warm,

Gina said...

Hooray for heat! I've just lit a big log fire so I'm off to sit in front of it!

lesley said...

Hi Julie. So pleased you have heat again! Thats so true, you don't miss what you have until it's not there. We had a couple of days without hot water over the Christmas period and although it's nothing like being without warmth you do miss it! Looking forward to you being creative again. xx

Jackie said...

Oh...heat..even when its working in our house we are cold!
Still..the odd hot flush helps...
Glad you are warm and cosy again.
The room with our logburner in is currently undergoing renovation.

Helen Suzanne said...

So glad you're warm again! I'm relishing the new gas stove here... a warm workroom again, woot!, even if the rest of the house is Baltic, lol.

At first glance though I wondered if your tall young man was putting in a pool for you!!! hehe

sandra wyman said...

Saw the picture and thought you'd left the country. Glad you're warm again: my living-room is warm (I'm trying not to think about the next gas bill) but having a bath takes REAL courage!

DILLY said...

Dilly howse not hav heetin.
Heetin man come,
mayke warm 2 days,
then not be warm.
Good job hav wagons.
Wagons breev warm air,
keep Mummy warm.
Not abol warm crarft room.
Be too cold.
Be like garridge.
Not abol go crarft room.

Not matter.
Mummy be too sor do crarfty things.
Dilly still carfterin.
Be exslent carfterer.


artisbliss said...

What a relief for you both! There's nothing more uncomfortable or worrisome than a heater that doesn't.

downunderdale said...

I can send you all the heat you want Julie but pleased yours is mended
how's the fabric - frozen? Dale

sharon young said...

So glad your warm again, for a moment there I thought you'd given up on this ridiculous weather and gone on a sun bathing holiday.