Monday, 19 January 2009

Shiva and Tyvek

I had a lovely play with Markal or Shiva sticks rubbed over cotton pulled as tight as I could over the soles. These are just samples and I will be painting the fabric to see what happens there.
I don't think I'm going to be able to wear these "space age" sandals, I can see all sorts of possibilities with these patterns! I shall be far too busy playing to wear them.
This final photo is tyvek which I moulded over the soles with a hot iron (nearly forgot the baking parchment!). The flowery soles didn't work at all well but the swirly ones are wonderful. All I need to do now is settle down with some paints and the moulds I made with Form-a-Foam and play some more. That won't be before Wednesday though as I am going to Nottingham tomorrow to meet Guzzisue of Travel Fibre and Thread. (Hmm, maybe sometime I should go round with the duster too? Not a lot of that been going on chez mixed media in quite a while!)
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Guzzisue said...

looking forward to seeing you again :-)

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love the pattern on the shoes, they were worth buying just fot that.

Gina said...

What fun! I'm off to check the soles of all my shoes. Enjoy your meeting with Guzzisue.

Robin Mac said...

I am in seventh heaven - my grandchildren who have moved to Mackay have wonderful patterns on the sandals and sneakers. I hadn't thought of making patterns with tyvek on them. Looks brilliant. Cheers, Robin

Moogsmum said...

Those are looking great Julie! I think you're right though - you'll never be able to wear those shoes!!

As for the duster thing - I seem to have forgotten what one of those is! Still, I see it as doing my bit to build up the childrens' immune systems ;-)