Saturday, 24 January 2009

A little shopping and meeting friends

I thought I should show you the little bit of shopping I did in Nottingham when I met Guzzisue. Sue took me to The Bead Shop just off the City Square and, what do you know? They were having a sale! Yay! I didn't go too mad but I did buy some of this unusual paper which, as you can see, has a lovely crinkly texture and which I'm sure I will be able to stitch. I bought a metre of each colour at only 70p each, not bad eh? I can see some of it as a foreground in a seascape.
As usual I couldn't resist turquoise and bought this bead selection and some lovely charms to keep me busy.
Now for today! Look who I met up with!
The very lovely and talented Gina Ferrari (on the left) and the very friendly Angela of Art and Stitch. Gina was demonstrating for Art and Stitch at their official opening day and had brought along a lot of her works and sketchbooks, including the famous Sainsbury's carrier bag dress. It was interesting to see the preparatory work that Gina had done before producing the final pieces. Other people's workbooks are always fascinating, aren't they?
Unfortunately we arrived too late to see the dress being modelled by a young student.
Not only was it lovely to see Gina again but we were also able to ask questions and be shown Gina's methods so we had quick lessons in machining on metal (as seen on Gina's blog this week), machining with heavier weight threads in the bobbin, working with tyvek, machining on tapestry canvas and tassel making (very useful if you're thinking of doing a bit of belly dancing!).
The ladies at Art and Stitch were very welcoming and Angela's lovely husband, Neil, sporting a very sassy waistcoat, was on hand to tidy up ;o) (sorry Neil!). I have signed up to do a Machine Embroidery workshop at Art and Stitch with Gina in June and Neil has even offered to provide transport for me from the station. How's that for service? Now, if I can just remember what photograph it was I said I would send to Gina it will have been a perfect day!........... What was that? Shopping? Nooooooo, I didn't do any shopping!!
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Judy Scott said...

Hi Julie Im waving hello to Gina and Angela (and you) ~ its lovely to put faces to names. What a wonderful day you must have had and so pleased youre able to do the course you will love it, love the paper and beads you bought too ~ gorgeous colous:) ~ enjoy the rest of your weekend ~ Judy xx

Angela said...

Hi Julie

Thank you for blogging about today. It was lovely to meet you and I'm glad you had a really enjoyable day.

I was thrilled with the way the whole day went and how many people had nice things to say about us, the shop and the training facility.

Gina and Anne were fabulous and worked really hard and they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to seeing you in June if not before, but hold on to your hat because Neil drives REALLY fast, even the short way from the station to here!

Jackie said...

How lovely to meet up and work with Gina. Nice to see you both together.

Guzzisue said...

looks like you had a great time, sounds like the workshop will be fun :-)

Ati. Norway. said...

Oh, Julie, I envy you, what a nice day to meet some friends and do the most fantastic shopping :)

Gina said...

It was lovely to see you again Julie. We had lots of fun yesterday. Did you really leave that lovely shop without doing any shopping???

Dot said...

Oh - it sounds like such a wonderful day Julie! Spending time with creative friends is always fun.

Love what you bought at The Bead Shop (love that paper!). I think I could happily live in a shop such as that :)