Tuesday, 20 January 2009

City Hero


Just off the City Square in Nottingham is the newly unveiled statue of Brian Clough, the legendary manager of Nottingham Forest Football Club who died in 2004. The statue was sculpted by Les Johnson and is an excellent likeness of the famous manager, going on what I know of him from the media. Around the base of the statue are three quotes from Cloughy for which he was also legendary! Unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph them.




This unusual plaque, about three feet or more long, is set into a stone bench in a small square in Nottingham. (I had to stand on the bench (!) to get the photograph, don't tell anyone!) There were several more plaques set in other benches but unfortunately nothing to tell us anything about the artist.

Sue and I had a really enjoyable time strolling in the sunshine and we also managed a little shopping, in the interest of creativity, at the bead shop and a visit to the Nottingham Society of Artists which was holding an exhibition by Geoff Grant who paints large abstract acrylics inspired by Scandinavia. Hopefully, while she's still off work with her broken arm, Sue will be popping over to Grantham for the guided tour with me. I shall have to brush up on my local sights! Thank you, Sue, for a lovely time and yes, mission accomplished in Marks and Spencer!
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MargaretR said...

What a lovely day you both had! Wonderful photos. I too was a great fan of Brian Clough, I used to enjoy him on TV.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

It's grayte meetin bloggers!!! Glad yu had a good time!!