Friday, 19 December 2008

Vintage Crochet

These are the photographs that I couldn't show you yesterday because of the poor light. I can't tell you how excited I am about this beautiful crochet. The work is so fine and must have taken hours to do.



This is a detail from the piece below which was probably intended to be a tray cloth or table centre. It is commemorating the coronation of King George V in the year that my friend Grace was born so it is almost 100 years old. How amazing is that? It is in good condition apart from a little discolouration. I am anxious to find out the best way to conserve it and would be grateful for any advice. I'm also thinking about whether I should pass it on to a museum or archive but, again, don't know who would be interested.


There are a lot of other pieces:


The piece above is done in a yellowy cotton, probably a bit darker than the photo shows.


I am so thrilled with these two months which are my birthday month and the birthday month of my mum, my nan and Grace. I really want to make a wallhanging or quilt with these and incorporate some other memorabilia.

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Jackie said...

Is that filet crochet? I love it. Its like the little skull caps worn by muslim men. I bought a pattern once but never got round to it.

Pat said...

What a stunning collection Julie, especially the edgings. A wall hanging is a lovely idea.

Heather said...

So glad you are feeling better at last - just in time for Christmas. These vintage crochet pieces are just wonderful. I am sure the Embroiderers' Guild could give you advice on conserving them. Rolling them in sheets of acid free tissue would be my guess, but I am not a conservator. They might even like some for their own collections, or would your local museum be interested in them?

Julie said...

Hi all, thank you for your comments. Heather, thank you, yes I think I will probably email the Embroiderer's Guild and see if they are interested. I'm not sure if my local museum would be interested as it's not of local interest other than I think the lady that did it all may have lived locally. I shall have to go back to my frined for some more information about the lady concerned.


Would you like me to ask DD? She's in the museums and art gallery conservation business, and if she can't help, she's sure to know someone who can.xx Email me for more info.

sharon young said...

What a wonderful collection, the work is certainly fro a bygone age, when time went at a sensible pace :-)
I think your idea of donating them to a museum would be wonderful, but maybe it would be too hard to part with them.

DeeMom said...

What a treasure you have Julie


Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely old pieces, Julie. You don't see crochet like that anymore.

Frances said...

Julie I think there is a Lace Guild they might be of help and even like a piece or 2 for their collection, thanks for sharing such beautiful work,