Saturday, 27 December 2008

Take it Further December Generosity

I can't believe that we have come to the final month in the Take it Further Challenge. Even more so that I have actually managed to take part each month and am still here at the end!
Sharon said at the beginning of the month, "For the final challenge of the year and since it is the gift giving season and many of us run ourselves ragged either making gifts or buying them I want to ask what is the idea of generosity to you. That is the theme for this month. So just take a few moments and think about what it is to give and how would you represent that visually."
Wikipedia describes generosity as "the habit of giving without coercion". Generosity can also be giving one's time, or labour, for others, without being rewarded in return. As this is the Christmas season and traditionally the season for giving I decided to interpret the theme of what it is to give. I have two friends, who we were going to spend Christmas Day with, who both love Cliff Richard (as I do myself, I have to admit). I decided that I wanted to make them something myself to incorporate Cliff in some way. The result was two bookwraps, slightly different from each other but made from the same fabric.
I have to admit to raiding Google for the images! Sssh! Don't tell anyone!
I used some of my own dyed fabric for the lining.
I love these two photos of Cliff. Hmm, where was I? Oh yes, I edged this wrap all round with beads and the other bookwrap I just beaded the front photograph.
Finally, I made a cord with three different yarns. Although this wrap is wonkier than the second wrap I made, I am really pleased with the result and I'm pleased to say my friends were both delighted! I am not sure whether I have completely met the criterion for generosity as I felt a great sense of reward from giving and throughout the making process. ;o)
I am quite sad that this is the last challenge and I would really like to thank Sharon Boggon for setting up and running this challenge through 2008. I have learned a great deal over the year and have explored ideas of design which I hope to continue with in the new year. Sharon is runing a different type of challenge next year. On her blog she said "Each month I will post details of either a slightly unusual or lesser known stitch, or a style of embroidery. Please note I will be looking at embroidery styles as well as stitches. Sometimes it will be both. Sometimes it will be one or the other." I have decided not to join in this time as I want to continue to explore the principles of design but I am sure the new challenge will be great fun and Sharon is bound to find some wonderful stitches for everyone to play with. Go and play, you'll enjoy it!
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Ro Bruhn said...

So great to see someone else is a Cliff fan, I have been since I was fourteen which is many decades ago. I love the way you've incorporated him into the book covers, they look great. Have a wonderful, creative 2009.

Susan D said...

So glad to hear of someone else who will admit to being a Cliff fan. I wanted to go to his concert with the Shadows at Liverpool arena later this year but they sold out before I knew anything about it :(

Purple Missus said...

Sorry Julie, love the bookwraps - but Cliff Richards?? Hmmm.....


P.S. Well done to you and all the others who completed a whole year of Sharons challenges. I fell at the first hurdle - again. :)


The bookwraps are wonderful but I have to agree with Purple Missus on the Cliffe thing!! I confess my tastes run to different sorts of music. I have enjoyed reading and seeing about your challenges every month this year- time flies past doesn't it? I wish you great joy for 2009 and hope you have another happy and creative year.

Jackie said...

I am full of admiration for sharon and for her students to have kept this up for so long. Well done 'm sure you have learnt and experienced a lot in the process.

artisbliss said...

This is very nicely done, Julie.

sharon young said...

Lovely book wraps, Julie, I have seen him in a live concert once when my DD2 was a fan,and we took her for a b-day treat, it was a great show.