Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Man Flu

I am being a really hopeless blogger at the moment and I do apologise. I have to blame it on the 'man flu' which I'm sure I've got! The coughing which started with the arrival of the new furniture eventually became a full blown yucky cough and head cold by Sunday and I have been useless the whole time. That's why I'm sure it's 'man flu', I've had no energy at all and even less interest in anything. Aaaaaaagh!!!!!
This, and a two seater settee, is the culprit in the stink which we have had to put up with for nearly a week. It's much less now but some friends who came round today remarked on it so it's still in the air. At least we can now stand to sit in the room without choking. My DH has been testing out the settee for its comfort and sleeping properties. He has spent 3 nights on the settee while I have been coughing away. He says if I'm not coughing I'm snoring!!!! Gasp! NO!!!!! Pwincessy people don't snore, do they Dilly? LOL
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Guzzisue said...

get well soon, a few nights on the sofa won't hurt him :-) my dh has been banished to the spare room for his own safety, if i turn over in the night and hit him with the metal on my arm we will both know about it :-)

DILLY said...

Norr! Pwinsessy peepol not snor. Maybe flutter. Not snor.

DADDY snor.
Daddy also fart in bed.
Like Bears.

Daddy also play football in sleep.
Wayke evwun up, kik raydiator.
Mummy be worreed,
heer crash bang,
sit up, say,
"Be nitemare? Hav nitemare?"
Daddy say not be nitemare.
be sliding tackol.


Silly boy nonsense.


sharon young said...

You poor thing, sounds awful!!
I hope you get well soon, in time for xmas.
Don't go overdoing it when you feel better.


I think the feed must be broken for your blog as I see you have been posting without my knowledge!! (not allowed at all! -I'll have to get my brain around blogger and sort it out later on) Hope you're feeling better soon. I snore. Apparently, I am sometimes just a bit snuffly but more often like a road drill! Oh dear, the romance of it. So embarrassing. You could never go away and stay with other people unless they soundproofed their guest rooms or put me in a yurt in the garden.

Genie said...

Hi Julie, sorry to hear you aren't well, Take it easy.
happy Xmas wishes.

sandra wyman said...

Hope you're feeling better again soon - thinking of you

T said...

GET WELL SOON julie, you sound awful. Take care of that flu and get lots of rest wont you.

Helen Suzanne said...

oh nasties! I'm sure you don't snore really... he's mistaken purring obviously, lol.

t-tree under your chin and washing your nose out really helps shift it!
I know, I know... the nose thing maybe too much info, but it does help.

get better soon!

Angela Recada said...

I hope you feel better soon! I really enjoy your blog.
Best wishes.

Julie said...

Thank you T :o) My rotten cold has started to clear up, at least the coughing isn't so troublesome so I am getting some sleep.

artisbliss said...

I hope you are feeling much better by this time. I hate, hate, hate illness, even if it's only a cold.

I'm afraid I snore, too.

I absolutely LOVE your leaf/text piece. Gorgeous. And I'm totally jealous of your win from Maggie. Lucky doesn't begin to describe you!