Wednesday, 12 November 2008


The second part of our workshop covered experimenting with Markal Paintstiks (Shiva). My very limited experiments involved using a freezer paper mask to shield the paper and stroke the paintstik across the fabric.
I am quite excited by the results above. I took all the shavings from the paintstiks and sprinkled them onto the fabric and then ironed them (under baking parchment) until they melted. Obviously this is only a very small amount of oilbar but it already, to my eye, has a look of the sea and rockpools. I am definitely going to play with this much more to see what effects I can achieve. I have never used my oilbars (paintstiks) for anything other than painting before but I can see that I will be exploring the possibilities with fabric much more. The metallics look beautiful once they have been heat set with the iron.
I did try using the paintstiks with various stamps, stretching the fabric over the stamp, but it was pretty useless as the fabric kept moving. More experiments required.
The final part of our workshop is still cooking! Rust dyeing! I'm planning to rinse it through on Friday as it seems to be working quite well so far.

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Gina said...

This made me smile because I've never used paintsticks for painting before - only ever to colour fabric in the ways you've been experimenting with!

sharon young said...

I've been looking at these for years and never got round to buying them, but as our family is so big now we have a secret Santa arrangement so I know what's going on my list.
The hearts look great!


Looking forward to seeing the rust dyeing. It's a funny thing about those oil bars - they weren't originally designed for textiles but for painting and I use mine quite a lot for that but it does get through them rather and they're expensive. You get fabulous colours and effects with them though especially for life paintings! I remember doing something similar with bits of wax crayons which I shaved off with a pencil sharpener. You can also put the shavings between 2 layers of cling film and iron to melt. You have to be careful not to overdo the heat though. I'll try and send you a piccy of the results!

artisbliss said...

I *LOVE* Shiva paintsticks. They are very cool and fun to work with.