Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Lovely Awards

Oh my! I have seen these awards going around the blogging world recently and I am honoured and humbled that people have chosen to give them to me. I have to thank Susan and Liz for sending me the Blogging Friends Forever award. Do go and check out their blogs if you don't know them already as they both are talented ladies. As you might expect from me I am going to be a very naughty blogger and not pass these awards on. I find it so hard to select people to pass the award on to and most people, that I would nominate, have received the award by now. If your name is in my sidebar you definitely deserve this award and if you are reading this and don't know a name in the sidebar go and have a look. There are some very talented artists there.



The second award is the Kreativ Blogger award which my lovely friend Helena has sent me. Helena has a lovely blog with lots of variety including photography and drawings. You can also find a link there to the very cute and funny Dilly's Castle not forgetting (how could I?) my favourite bear Bob T Bear Esq. Thank you very much for this award Helena. I'm going to be just as naughty and not pass it along but I do appreciate you nominating me. I am not worthy!



Gina said...

Well deserved Julie!

sharon young said...

Well done, Julie, and well deserved :-)