Sunday, 23 November 2008

Knitting and Stitching Show

Before I start telling you about my day at the K & S Show you might like to click here and have a look at Helen Cowans blog of her day at the show. She has taken some great photographs which will give you a much better feel of the Show than my few. Ruth Issett's stand, which you can see on Helen's blog, was an explosion of colour and gave me lots of ideas to try.


Art:Cloth : 4 + 4 was, I think, the only stand which actually invited you to take photographs.


Claire Benn, of Committed to Cloth, was stewarding the stand when my friend Gill and I arrived and was very generous in sharing her work methods which in this instance, revolved around Breakdown Printing. This technique, she said, is a lot simpler than it sounds, and, following on from the shibori and discharge dyeing that I have been doing, I found the effect really exciting. (For some reason I managed to not take a photograph of Claire's work. Oops! I think I left my brain on the coach!)


The artwork above is by Jane Dunnewold and is titled " War Time Prayer for the Children & the Flowers". This is a large wall hanging and the child images are life size, I think they are actual body prints. I particularly like the flag-folded background which I can see echoed in my recent shibori foray.



This piece is by Jeanne Beck and is entitled Parables II. You can see a detailed view here. The surface is intriguing and I will be looking further at this artist's work.


Have you been and had a look at Helen's blog? I don't have many more photos of the exhibition itself. (I hope you go back to Helen's blog and have a look at her beautiful work when you have time).



This exhibit has been talked about a lot in blogland this year and I was pleased to be able to see it myself. It is of course the Hyperbolic Crochet Reef.

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Guzzisue said...

I was sorry to have missed the show this year, maybe I'll get in 2009!! looks like you enjoyed some retail therapy :-)

Moogsmum said...

I've missed so much blogging this week and you have been really busy!
Your trip to the show looks fab and I'm very envious that you saw the Hyperbolic reef! Mind you, your photos show it off beautifully :-)


lesley said...

Hi Julie. I went Thursday. I had a great day. Spent a little too much money but came home with lots of wonderful goodies. I have just popped over to Helens blog, the photo's are great and I showed them to Mr S so he could see what I had experienced that day. So many thanks to Helen for such wonderful pic's. xx

Dot said...

Goodness - what incredible photo's Julie! That crochet reef is amazing.

Dot xx

Annette J said...

I looked for your bookmark on the tribute piece at Harrogate but there were so many I couldn't spot it. Also spoke to Claire Benn and bought some screen printing dyes from them. Guess what I'm going to have a go at next.

Helena said...

Great stuff! Love the crochet reef. Off to see Helen's now!

DeeMom said...

your postings are so wonderful, I am so in AWE, and seldom know what to say, BUT LADY you ROCK….
Happy Thanksgiving

DILLY said...

SO SYTIN!!!!!!!!!
SO SYTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!