Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tray dyeing

Tray dyeing, every time I say it I think of tray baking! Despite being in a bit of a funk at the moment (no idea why, I just can't seem to shake off this heavy, sad feeling) I have been doing one or two workshops down at my local sewing shop. On Monday I started a 6 week course called "Fabric Frolics" which will explore various ways of applying and removing colour to/from fabric.
The first session covered tray dyeing and monoprinting. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pics during the workshop but basically we prepared our dyes (3 different colours), soaked the fabric (cotton sheeting) in a solution of washing soda and then pleated the material and laid it into a shallow plastic tray, folding in the ends. (Next time I do it I'll post some photos) The dye was then trickled over the fabric as we pleased. After the dye was poured on we waited half an hour and then poured over a salt solution so that the fabric was sitting in it but not covered. As with the last time I did the dyeing we tok the fabric home to rinse, wash dry and iron.

This is the result before it was ironed. You can see quite clearly where the fabric was pleated and how that has affected the distribution of the dye.
Some areas did not take up any dye at all.
There are some wonderful textures in some parts of the cloth. Now, of course I have about 2 metres of dyed cotton that I have to find a use for. My DH thinks it will make a good skirt. He may well be right but I'm not much of a skirt maker. I think it's more likely to sit in my stash for me to enjoy for a while. Maybe I'll overdye some of it?
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Helen Suzanne said...

these are really beautiful cloths. I love the colours and the way they've bled. They remind me of forests.

Anne Wigfull said...

Lovely stuff, Julie. It will have to sit in your stash for a couple of years of stroking and refolding to allow it to mature before you can even think about cutting it.

Gina said...

Beautiful dyed cloth Julie - I can see it overprinted! Sorry you've been feeling a bit sad - I think it's the time of year with the nights getting colder and darker - I've not had my usual bounce (although I think everyone around here is grateful for that!)

DILLY said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww be pwitty!
Be like inside shell!

Dilly mayke Julie wagon card.
Goin send morro wiv present.

Hope like!
Put on blog,
mayke Julie smile sooner!



B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

"FABRIC FROLICS!????????????

Oh that HAZ to be abowt PANTS, shorly?????



Lesley said...

I love the colours and textures in your fabric Julie. It reminds me of sunlight shining through trees.

Sorry you're feeling a bit down. It's that time of year.


sharon young said...

What a fantastic result, Julie. I just love all that patterning that's appeared. I saw this technique demo'd on the Committed to Cloth stand at the FOQ and thought how clever it looked.
Sorry to hear your not up to par,, maybe you've been overdoing things a bit lately and need a bit of pampering :-)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I think it's cool in a meltid minty Aero kinds way :@)

Julie said...

Ooh Bob, I think you're right! I love Aero! You're a very cheeky bear, pants indeed! I hope you had your blue ones on today (I almost daren't find out the result for the Gills).

Dilly, you're so much more discerning than that brother of yours. It does look a bit like shell, doesn't it? But maybe I should have made it in pink and green?! Hehe! Next time!

Dot said...

Hi sweetie...

Very sorry to hear you have been feeling low. I think sometimes life gets hard and maybe this time of year is contributing to how you have been feeling too.When the weather starts to cool down I know I can with draw into myself.

And you are a very giving person ; maybe it's time to give a little more to yoruself.

Wish I could send you some of our Spring sunshine :)

Love the name of your 6 week course - Fabric Frolics (wish I could frolic with fabrics with you).

Love this piece of fabric. The colors are beautiful and I know you will make something lovely with it at some stage. Meanwhile it is always lovely to look at and fondle (he hee).

Lots of love

Dot xx