Thursday, 2 October 2008

Take it Further Challenge September

The subject for the September TIF challenge was 'lists'. As you will see from the photo below I am a great list maker! I make shopping lists, which I either lose or leave at home; lists of which present came from who, if I can read the label before my DH throws all the wrappings out; to do lists, which I then forget to consult as I dash from one creative moment to another; exciting lists of things to buy at exhibitions, people whose work I don't want to miss, and then do because I've got toally distracted by all the other wonderful things on offer! Then there's the lists I make when my brain doesn't want to work for me, the lists that remind me to do the absolutely vital and carry forward the less vital to the next day.
How to translate 'lists' into a piece of textile work? I started by scanning a selection of lists into Photoshop and then isolated just one list.
The next step was to play around with some of the filters. Unfortunately I didn't write down which I used but I think they included cutout and spatter. While I was thinking about maybe printing this onto fabric and embellishing I was thinking about fabric with lines in it and remembered I had some rusted fabric that I had dyed.
These lines were actually on the diagonal on the fabric as the cotton had been wrapped around hacksaw blades. This piece of fabric will give me 4 ATCs.
So, here we have the first ATC on a theme of lists. I have used some of the annealed tin that Anna gave me last year and I've sewn on some fancy trim and yarn. the colours are slightly stronger in reality - slightly more orange. Hopefully I will get the other 3 ATCs made. I have already done some machine embroidery on one but it needs some beads added.
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Jackie said...

Thats a really original interpretation.

sharon young said...

Lovely ATC, Julie, the rust fabric really suits the embellishment.

Pat said...

From someone who failed completely on the lists challenge, admiration.

Gina said...

I like the look of your "rusty" list Julie. Great interpretation of the theme.


I love this interpretation of lists. Fascinating process!

Mai-Britt said...

I want to do that as well.............. Really lovely Julie

Genie said...

Very Inspiring Julie. Great work

DeeMom said...


freebird said...

Super ATC! And if you would have had pen and paper handy you could have listed the filters you used! I tend to make lists and then lose them. You made a great interpretation - much prettier than any old list. So you have 3 ATC's on your to-do list?


Fantastic interpretation of your lists and great ATC's.You've inspired me to think outside the box for the Sep TIF which I have not done a thing about and its bothering me.

DILLY said...

Hewo Julie!
Julie hav nice hollyday?
Dilly hav pwesent for Julie.
Mummy not abol find Julie address.
Julie emayle Dilly?
Tell whare Julie howse be?
Dilly pwesent be rapt in pink an gween!
Be pwinsessy!
Be for Julie, Dilly's fwend.


Waltraud said...

A wonderful idea!

Lesley said...

What a great theme and i love your interpretation of it! The rusted fabric is lovely - I'll have to add that to my 'must try' list!!


Dot said...

Goodness Julie! I have so many blog posts to catch up on :)

Like you I love making lists! This was a great challenge and you haev done a brilliant job (as always).

The embellishing you have done on this ATC sets it off perfectly!

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Julie, I love the interpretation process here and the leap across to beading it.

katelnorth said...

ooh, I like that. I have some of those annealed tin beads from Anna, too - really must USE them for something, LOL.